Hebrew Online Translation: God’s Shadow

God’s Shadow – a serialized novel. Hebrew translation.

What if past lives really existed? What if we really had souls that passed from one generation to the next? What if, through hypnosis, we could explore people’s hidden memories not only of the past generation, but of dozens of generations ago, perhaps even hundreds of generations ago?
Ryan Jefferson, a graduate psychology student, accesses two people’s past lives, going a hundred years into the past, a thousand years, two thousand years, and he keeps on going. He hopes to discover the answer to the greatest of mysteries: What are souls? How (and when) did we get them? Was it through evolution? Did we get the souls from God? Or was it some other way?
Instead of exploring the secrets of the future like most science fiction books, ‘God’s Shadow’ explores the secrets of the past, secrets that have repercussions to this very day. Ancient events have put our very future in peril.


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