‘The Assassination’ Published in Nova

The short story, ‘The Assassination’, has been translated to German and published in Nova. This issue of Nova is a special Middle East issue, feature a story by Lavie Tidhar, Achmed Khammas, and myself, and an interview with all three of us.

The Assassination is about an old man, an old hero, who has built his entire life around a deed done in his youth. But thanks to time technology, he can look back and learn the truth about his deed. In the story, the personality he has built upon his heroic deed in stripped away, step by step, as he slowly finds who he really is and who he always was.


Nova 18

Nova 18



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2 Responses to “‘The Assassination’ Published in Nova”

  1. Tommi Says:

    Hey Guy, I enjoyed translating this one. It was not an easy task and I sincerely hope my work does your intentions justice.

    All the best!


  2. Guy Hasson Says:

    Thanks, Tommi. I’m sorry I can’t read the translation. But I appreciate the love that went into it.

    Maybe we’ll do this again in the future…

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