‘The Indestructibles’ Film Journal Entry #2: The Auditions

The Indestructibles is an independent SF film for the web that I am currently working on. The Apex blog is kind enough to host the monthly film journal. Here’s an excerpt from the second entry:

When you hold auditions, you have to be ready for anything. I mean literally for anything.

Acting well means you’re going to be emotionally exposed, which means that rehearsals as well as auditions can become very personal. A lot of personal stuff comes out. I’ve learned (to my surprise) that when I hold auditions, you can tell me anything, and I’m going to react to it with absolute calm and acceptance. I want the actors to trust me, I want us to be able to work together on a personal level later on. The last thing I want any of them to feel is judgment from me.

If I sat across an actor in an audition and he told me he’d just shot a guy, I’d say “Oh, yeah? How’d that happen?” and my face would not even show surprise. That’s the state of mind I find myself in when I audition.

Read the full entry here.


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