The Indestructibles film journal #7: Inventing Something New

The seventh installment of The Indestructibles film journal has been published at the Apex blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Has Everything Been Done?

The question I keep asking myself as I plan the shots for the film is: Is there a new cinematic language to be invented?

I have a problem with the old cinematic language. It’s built for budgets. Everything we see falls under the scale that has Hollywood on one side, goes through almost-Hollywood, down the scale to not-even-close-to-Hollywood which is only a step above just-pure-piss.

The full article can be found here.

The Indestructibles: Coming Soon!


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One Response to “The Indestructibles film journal #7: Inventing Something New”

  1. john Says:

    You are right in your approach. For example, “The hunt for gollum” is impressive for its 4000$ budget (imdb claim), but it still looks quiet bad comparing to the lord of the rings movies. I suggest “yamim kfuim” as inspiration, as it greatly done, in terms of plot, photography, acting and soundtrack, for a low budget film.

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