‘Tickling Butterflies’ – Introduction


Stories have power.

Stories transform you. Stories transport you. A story leaves your body here and takes your mind to other lands. In those other lands there is magic and wonder. In those other lands anything is possible for a moment. Real heroes exist. Real witches cast real curses.

There are many, many stories. But there are only a few hundred fairy tales.

Fairy tales are special stories. Fairy tales are stories for children, stories with lessons, stories with events and characters that make less sense than do stories for grownups. In fairy tales wolves talk, houses are made of candy, lions get help from mice, and clicking your shoes can take you back home.

Parents all over the world want to teach their children the lessons of fairy tales. And so all over the world, children are told the same fairy tales. Generation after generation. Again and again and again.

Stories have power. The more a story is told, the more power it has.

When a story is told exactly one million and eleven times, then in a special world, in a special land, it becomes real. That special land in which these fairy tales come true is called the Land of All Legends.

In it, all stories that have been told one million and eleven times or more have come to life. Some have come to life so long ago, that they have been dead for thousands of years. The fairy tales we tell live full lives in the Land of All Legends. Some live happily ever after. Some don’t. Some give birth to children that cannot be found in any fairy tales.

In our world, with the help of the power of a story, we look in on them and their lives.

But not all fairy tales are what they seem. Because sometimes, on extremely rare occasions, some of the fairy tale creatures find a way to look in on us…

This is the story of King John the Cute. His mother and father were not born through the power of story. They never appeared in any tales. Nor did their parents. Nor did their parents. And so on, seven generations back. Only his grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grandparents appeared in our fairy tales. They appeared in European fairy tales that haven’t been told for over two hundred years in our world. Ever since, John the Cute’s family has not appeared in a single fairy tale. Not one.

This is the real fairy tale of King John the Cute, who found a way to look into our world and discover our secrets. This is the real fairy tale of the king who discovered the power that stories have over the Land of All Legends, but also the power that fairy tales have over us.

Everything in this book is true.

(To be continued on Sunday…)


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