The Indestructibles Film Journal Update

As some of you may have noticed, the links to The Indestructibles film journal posts no longer work.

The Indestructibles, as you recall, is my attempt to write, direct, and produce an underground SF epic film. Apex Books, the publisher of Secret Thoughts, and other SF and horror books was kind enough to host my film journal at its blog, as well as blogs and posts by its other authors. A new entry to The Indestructibles film journal was posted monthly, taking us through the process of writing, auditioning, rehearsing, directing, and shooting.

A couple of weeks ago, Apex Books decided that its blog should concentrate only on upcoming books and magazines and that the blog would no longer host others’ posts. As a result, not only will the film journal not be hosted by that blog, all relevant posts were taken down and can no longer be found there.

So… two things:

One: Since the film journal already has quite a few followers, I’m going to continue to publish it at this website.

Secondly: As soon as I have a little free time, and if I can find the original files, I’ll repost the earlier entries here as well.

The Indestructibles - Poster

The Indestructibles – Poster


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