‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Pint of Beer and Its Glass House

Continuing the serialization of my epic fantasy novel, Tickling Butterflies, with a new fairy tale ‘episode’ every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Enjoy the latest fairy tale:

The Pint of Beer and Its Glass House

(Containing the magnificent tale in which John the Cute learns that there are secrets to the Land of All Legends.)

Once upon a time in the town of Bambooville lived a pint of beer.

The pint of beer began its life in a house made of glass. Its house, in fact, was a drinking glass.

The pint of beer became aware of itself and its surroundings and was very happy. On top it felt a sudsy, bubbly feeling. Inside, little happy bubbles made their way to the top, relieving the pint of beer of tension. But most of all, the pint of beer was happy to live in its specialized glass house. It seemed that this house was built entirely with the pint of beer in mind. It was so snug and comfortable. It fit it so well. There were no holes, so the pint of beer did not drip anywhere. Everything was so perfect, that the pint of beer saw it as proof that the Land of All Legends was created for the benefit of this one pint of beer.

Almost immediately after its life began, something raised the glass and drank a bit of the beer. Although there was less of it, the pint of beer found the touch of the lips fun and smooth. The pint of beer liked the taste of the lips, just as the lips liked the taste of the beer.

It was as if by design that the beer had been lifted at that time, because by this time the pint of beer was mature enough to look around at its surroundings through the glass. The glass was inside a bar, where everyone seemed to love beer. And sitting right beside the beer’s glass house were two people. One was a young child who called himself John the Cute. The other was a grownup and an adventurer who called himself Magno the Magnificent. Magno the Magnificent was telling John the Cute a glorious tale.

The pint of beer perked up its bubbly ears and listened.

Long ago, when Magno the Magnificent had been only a child, he overheard a group of adventurers at a bar. The adventurers were talking amongst themselves, but their conversation was a loud one. The adventurers spoke of a secret past to the Land of All Legends. The adventurers spoke of a beginning, a spark that began it all. The adventurers spoke of a legend, a creature, a monster, that had been here before all other creatures and monsters. The adventurers called that creature the Original Monster.

The pint of beer enjoyed the story very much, and was quite intrigued. Even as Magno the Magnificent raised his glass and drank more of the beer, the beer felt no doubt that the universe had created the Land of All Legends just so it could listen to this glorious tale.

The young Magno the Magnificent, continued the older Magno the Magnificent, could hear no more of the adventurers’ conversation, as his mother took him back home. But by that time, Magno the Magnificent had caught the adventuring bug. Adventure was now in his blood.

When he became older, he searched for tales of this Original Monster. But there was hardly a word of him anywhere. He traveled from land to land, put whisper to whisper, and learned that rumors believed that the Original Monster was still alive, even though he was at least a dozen thousand of years old by now.

No one was sure what he looked like. No one was sure if he was a good monster or a bad monster. No one knew what his story was. No one knew why he had been alive for so long. But every so often, someone would tell a tale of having seen something that matched a more ancient story and an even more ancient rumor.

Over the last century, rumors claim, two other adventurers have spent their entire adult lives tracking down the Original Monster, and they have not succeeded. But Magno the Magnificent was sure that he would be able to do it. After all, it couldn’t have been a coincidence that he had overheard that conversation. He was born for adventure. He was born to do what no other man before him had done. He was born to find the Original Monster. It was as if the Land of All Legends itself wanted him to do this – that is why he was born an adventurer, and that is why he ‘happened’ to overhear the adventurers’ conversation.

The beer – now almost a quarter of a pint – felt exactly the same about its own circumstances. It could not be a coincidence that it was born in a place that fit it so well. It could not be a coincidence that it was privy to hear such a glorious tale. It could not be a coincidence that everything was so perfect, if not specifically for the joy and benefit of the now dwindling pint of beer.

Magno the Magnificent continued in his tale: He has chased down every rumor, followed every path, gone wherever the clues led him regardless of danger, and he has done so for almost sixteen years now. And now, finally, Magno the Magnificent has tracked a recent clue to the Shady Swamps just off of Bambooville. Now, at last, he was certain that he would glimpse the Original Monster and then catch him. This he told John the Cute, who listened in rapt attention. This he said, as he gulped down the last gulp of beer.

And so, with the end of Magno the Magnificent’s tale, the pint of beer died, having lived a full and happy life of magnificence and glory. And it was happy in its fate.

And so, with the end of Magno the Magnificent’s tale, John the Cute, now ten years old, realized that there are secrets in the the Land of All Legends. And his mind began to wonder: what other secrets does the Land of All Legends hold?

Magno the Magnificent put down the glass. In it, only a thin layer of bubbles existed now. As the last bubble popped, the pint of beer ceased to exist.

This has been the magnificent tale in which John the Cute learned that there are secrets to the Land of All Legends.

(To be continued on Sunday…

And if you like the stories, tell your friends.)


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