‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Special Seashell

Continuing the serialization of my epic fantasy novel, Tickling Butterflies, with a new fairy tale ‘episode’ every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Enjoy the latest fairy tale:

The Special Seashell

(Containing the mysterious appearance of a special seashell.)

Al the Average was the son of Toby the Tall and Tabetha the Tiny, who had been denizens of Bambooville ever since it had been created, seven generations before John the Cute was born.

Al the Average was called ‘Average’ because he was twice as tiny as Toby the Tall and twice as tall as Tabetha the Tiny.

One day, John the Cute, now fourteen years old, entered the fixit shop of Al the Average in order to sharpen Kate the Tigress’ kitchen knives. Al the Average, twenty-four years old at the time, was the town’s fixit man: He could fix anything that did not have magical properties.

As John the Cute waited for Al the Average to sharpen Kate the Tigress’ kitchen knives, he looked around the shop. A small box sitting on a shelf next to a small Horn of Madness intrigued John the Cute. He picked it up. A small silver-colored object protruded upwards from its corner.

“What’s this?” John the Cute asked.

“That,” Al the Average said with pride, “is a radio.”

“A what?” That was a word John the Cute had never heard before.

“It… It…” Al the Average tried to think of a way to explain it. Then he went to stand near John the Cute. “It is a special seashell. You put it to your ear, and it makes noises.”

“A seashell?” John the Cute put it next to his ear. Al the Average put his hand on the seashell and suddenly it made a uniform noise.

“Wow,” John the Cute said. “That does not sound like the ocean.” Nor did it sound like music or talking or singing or chirping or howling or anything in nature that John the Cute recognized. It was just noise, but a noise John the Cute had never heard before.

Excited, John the Cute turned to Al the Average. “I want a radio, too! Where did you find one?”

Al the Average’s face suddenly turned red and his eyes looked down.

“Where did you find it?” John the Cute asked again.

“Around.” Al the Average grabbed the special seashell and it became silent. “Now go. It will take me two hours to finish sharpening your mother’s knives.”

“Two hours to sharpen the knives?” It usually took only a few minutes.


John the Cute left the store. He told everyone he met about the radio he had seen at Al the Average’s fixit store. When he returned, the special seashell was gone, and Al the Average denied ever having had a special seashell and that he did not know what a radio was.

After a long argument, John the Cute took the knives and returned home.

This has been a story containing the mysterious appearance of a special seashell.

(To be continued on Sunday…

And if you’re enjoying the fairy tales, share with your friends.)


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