‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Evil Witch of Panache

Continuing the serialization of my epic fantasy novel, Tickling Butterflies, with a new fairy tale ‘episode’ every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Enjoy the latest fairy tale:

The Evil Witch of Panache

(Containing the terrifying incident in which John the Cute meets an evil witch.)


Once upon a time, an evil witch came into the town of Bambooville.

No one spoke to her. No one dared look at her. At once, all shops in town closed. At once, all windows dropped down. At once, the streets emptied. At once, no one answered his doors.

John the Cute, now sixteen years old, was at the home of a friend in the middle of town when this happened. He and his friend looked at the evil witch through the crack in a window. She had sat down in the middle of the streets and breathed hard.

Despite the warning of his friend, John the Cute opened the door and went to greet the evil witch.

“Hello,” he said softly.

“Hello,” the evil witch growled at him.

“My name is John the Cute.”

The evil witch looked at his cute face. “I can see that,” she mumbled. “I am the Evil Witch of Panache.”

“Where is Panache? I have never heard of it.”

“It is a long, long way from here.”

“Do you need any assistance? Water, perhaps, or food?”

The evil witch looked at him strangely. She was used to fear, not kindness.

“I need nothing, and I thank you for your kindness.”

John the Cute bowed respectfully and was about to turn around, when the Evil Witch of Panache added, “But my wand needs assistance. It has been empty of magic for almost five days now. Perhaps you can put it in the kitchen fire for an hour and replenish its magic. ”

John the Cute thought about it for fifteen halves of a second. “Sure,” he said, and offered his hand to take the wand.

The Evil Witch of Panache was surprised by his willingness to help. She put the wand in his hand, but did not take her own hand away. “Are you sure you want to do this, young man? You do not know the consequences of your actions.”

“What are the consequences?”

“I am an evil witch. With my wand, I perform evil magic and make people suffer. However, when my wand is not working, I become even more evil. The more I am without magic, the more evil I become. Then, when I replenish my wand, I perform acts of greater evil. However, when I use my wand on a regular basis, my evil remains average and not extreme.”

John the Cute thought about this information for fifteen seconds and fifteen half seconds. “I will replenish your wand in the kitchen fire.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you want to come in while you wait?”

“No. I would rather stay outside where people can see that I am doing no harm.”

John the Cute nodded, and went back into his friend’s house. There, he replenished the evil witch’s magic wand in the kitchen fire.

After an hour, he brought the wand back to the Evil Witch of Panache.

“My thanks to you, John the Cute. Now my wand works again. With your assistance, I can now fly home and perform evil deeds. I am grateful to you that I was not forced to become even more evil. I now owe you a favor it return, which one day I shall repay.”

“You do not owe me a favor. It was my choice and my pleasure.”

“I do not ask for your permission,” the Evil Witch of Panache growled once more. “I shall repay you at the time and place of my choosing. Until then, goodbye.”

And with a wave of her wand, the Evil Witch of Panache rose into the air and quickly vanished from sight.

This has been the terrifying tale of the third favor owed John the Cute.



(To be continued on Thursday…)


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