Comedy Material for Marc Maron

Listening to stand-up comic Marc Maron’s comedy as well as podcasts, one gets the impression that he likes a very specific and unique form of punch lines.

It seems as if he starts out thinking: Now what’s so bad it could never be funny?

He then proceeds to find a way to make it funny, ensuring that the punch line itself is a straight-out, not-funny horrible truth. And yet you laugh at the punch line.

He is literally working hard to make sure that tragedy is funny without changing it for comic effect.

Well, he’s a very busy guy. So, in the interest of making sure he doesn’t run out of material, here are a few punchlines I would like to suggest to him:

Punchline #1: “…And then they discovered he raped three more women.”

Punchline #2: “Fifteen American citizens were killed in the Al Qaeda attack.”

Punchline #3: “After years of living as a homeless on the streets, he killed himself.”

Punchline #4: “The kids swindled their old man out of his entire life savings.”

Punchline #5: “…And now she’s paralyzed from the neck down for her entire life.”

Punchline #6: “I cried for two days straight. I wished I was dead.”

I hope that was helpful, Marc, and that it saves you a lot of time in searching for additional material. If you need any more, don’t hesitate to call.

Interested in edgy comedy? Try ‘The Best of’ The Voice of God Comedy Podcast.


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