‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Butterfly Whisperer

I’m serializing the fairy tale novel, Tickling Butterflies. 128 separate fairy tales come together to create one epic fantasy fairy tale.

A new fairy tale ‘episode’ is published every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Enjoy the latest fairy tale:

The Butterfly Whisperer

(Containing the pleasing tale of the Butterfly Whisperer.)


Once upon a time there was a little pig who liked to tickle butterflies.

Butterflies loved the little pig from the time he was a very young little pig.

Whenever he played outside in the field, a butterfly would land on the little pig’s snot, and the little pig would tickle the butterfly. The butterfly would laugh and laugh and then, with a friendly wave of his wings, fly off.

The rumor of the little pig’s abilities spread among the butterflies of the Land of All Legends. Butterflies from the farthest reaches of the farthest lands flocked to him, to be tickled by him, or to just watch as the little pig tickle other butterflies.

Butterflies of all colors and shapes and sizes flocked to the young little pig.

One day, the townspeople noticed a butterfly as big as a dragon land outside the little pig’s farm. From that day on, townspeople began to pay attention to the little pig and to the thousands of butterflies that flocked to him daily. The townspeople noticed that through tickling butterflies, the young little pig could talk to the butterflies and convince them to fly around in a way the townspeople found pleasing.

This brought the little pig to the attention of townspeople from other towns. Now they came, as well, to see the little pig tickle butterflies and have them perform tricks.

The little pig came to be known as the Butterfly Whisperer.

Then, one day, the little pig’s parents came to him and told him that “Now you are a grown-up, and you can’t spend your life tickling butterflies.” They demanded that he leave behind him all silly things and begin to take on the serious task of being a grown-up. His parents gave the Butterfly Whisperer two tasks, in this order: a) Abandon the butterflies because tickling them is silly, and b) find a job.

The young little pig tried to abandon his friends the butterflies, but wherever he went and whatever he did, hundreds of butterflies of all shapes and sizes surrounded him.

No one would give the Butterfly Whisperer a job, because they felt the butterflies were a distraction to both him and the customers.

Sad and disappointed, the little pig spent his days in the field, tickling butterflies. It was the only thing that made him happy.

Then, one day, King Charming the Fourth died, and the celebrations for the coronation ceremonies of King John the Cute were about to begin. Minister Azriel Jones, the king’s Minister of Celebrations, had heard of the Butterfly Whisperer. He had summoned the Butterfly Whisperer to the palace and said he would pay him handsomely to organize a beautiful butterfly show during the coronation of King John the Cute.

And, indeed, the show consisted of tens of thousands of butterflies of all colors and shapes, of all sizes and wings. The butterflies flew in the air and created beautiful shapes, marvelous words that hung in the air, striking images and colorful acrobatics. The show was magnificent and breathtaking, lovelier than all the fireworks displays that had ever been seen by any man, woman, or creature.

The coronation ceremony was most magnificent. When it was over, King John the Cute called the Butterfly Whisperer and told him how amazing his show had been. Immediately following the ceremony, the Butterfly Whisperer began to receive an endless array of requests for his butterfly show.

And so, the Butterfly Whisperer had found that he did have a serious job: tickling butterflies.

This has been the pleasing tale of the Butterfly Whisperer.


(To be continued on Thursday…)
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