‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Scientist and the Box

I’m serializing my fairy tale novel, Tickling Butterflies. A new fairy tale ‘episode’ is published every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Here’s the story so far.

Enjoy the latest fairy tale:

The Scientist and the Box

(Containing the fearless story of the King’s scientist.)


Once it happened that on the third day of the reign of King John the Cute, the new King came to the room of Minister Vazir, the king’s Minister of Science.

“What kind of science do you do?” asked King John the Cute.

“I try to understand the world, my liege,” answered Minister Vazir. “I try to understand the secrets of the universe, and the physical forces behind it.”

“You mean magic?”

“Yes, my liege. I try to understand magic so I can have a better understanding of the universe.”

“What is ‘universe’? What does that word mean?”

“It means the entirety of the Land of All Legends, my liege.”

King John the Cute nodded.

“I am the first scientist in more than 300 hundred years. There hasn’t been one in the Land of All Legends, since… Well, it is a long and embarrassing story.”

“Tell it to me another day, then,” King John the Cute said. “But today, tell me your story, Minister Vazir.”

A long, long time ago, Minister Vazir began, I was born. But no one knows exactly when or who my parents were. There is nothing of my childhood that I remember. My memory begins at around the age of five, when I was standing in the middle of the road, in the town of Checkers and Chess.

No one knew who I was. No one had seen this child before. Everyone was certain that my parents for some reason had believed they cannot raise me, and so they had left me there in order to be quickly found. There I stood, with no memory of anything that had happened before.

I was an orphan. As an orphan, two loving parents adopted me and I grew to have a great childhood. But my lost childhood always haunted me. I felt a deep need, to know who my parents were and why they abandoned me. I decided to never give up on finding my parents.

But I was afraid. I was afraid of what I would find. I was afraid that the reason my parents abandoned me would hurt me. I was afraid the truth would be too awful for me to bear. Nonetheless, I had to find the truth.

And so, I put all my fears in a special silver box, which I have stored in a special place. Then, without fears, I have dedicated years to learn the truth about myself, my parents, and where I come from.

But in all the years that have passed, in spite of all my research, in spite of all my investigations, there has never been any clue, never been a single sign of my heritage. No one has ever known them or seen them.

However, the years of seeking the truth without fear of finding out the results have made me into a great scientist. I can solve great mysteries. I can seek out truth. And I never fear what I may find, because my fears are hidden in a silver box.

“Why do you think seeking the truth is scary?” asked King John the Cute.

“Simple, my liege. In seeking the truth, you may find out you have been lied to. You may find out you have believed in something false. You may discover an ugly fact about yourself. Discovering the truth behind things brings instability to your life. I do not fear instability. I do not fear uncertainty. I do not even fear Death. And so I am a great scientist.”

King John the Cute nodded wisely. “Minister Vazir, to serve me I require you to take your emotions out of the silver box and wear them again.”

Suddenly, even though it was impossible, Minister Vazir seemed afraid. “But how will I be able to learn the truth then? How will I be able to serve you, my liege?”

“You will be able to find the truth, even though you are afraid of it. That is my truth. Now, once you wear the full coat of your emotions again, we will seek out your parents and do our best to find them.”

“But how? There is no clue.”

“You are wrong. There is one clue that we do have.”

Minister Vazir was surprised. “What is it?”

“A great scientist has sought them out for years and has not been able to find any evidence that they have ever existed. That is very strange. And by itself, it tells us that extraordinary circumstances are afoot. Shall we explore this mystery? Will you put your fear back on?”

“But I have things more important to do, my liege. I have great mysteries to solve. A thousand different magics to learn that will serve you well.”

“In my youth I have learned that truth is important, that seeking out truth is good. King Charming the Fourth has put me here to solve a big mystery. I have vowed to solve not just that mystery, but all the mysteries I will find in the Land of All Legends.”

Minister Vazir looked at his king with respect.

“Speaking of mysteries and things that have no trace,” King John the Cute thought of something new. “Have you ever heard of a radio?”

“No. What is that?”

“It is a special kind of seashell.”

“A special seashell?”

“You put it to your ear and touch it and it makes a strange and interesting noise.”

“I have never heard of it.”

“I have seen it once in the fixit shop of Al the Average in my hometown of Bambooville, but I have never been able to glimpse it again. Could you research it for me? And perhaps find this seashell and where it comes from?”

“Of course, my king,” Minister Vazir was all too eager to help.

This has been the methodical tale of Minister Vazir, the king’s Minister of Science.

(To be continued on Thursday…)

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