‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Prophecy of John the Cute

I’m serializing my fairy tale novel, Tickling Butterflies. A new fairy tale ‘episode’ is published every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Here’s the story so far.

Enjoy the latest fairy tale:


The Prophecy of John the Cute

(Containing the truly true tale of Truly True Love.)

Let me tell you a tale, said Linda of Galinda, about the people who came to see your father and mother before you were born. This is a tale about those who give prophecy: the Foreseeing Propheseers (that last word she pronounced ‘propheh-see-ers’). Listen closely.

The tale of the Forseeing Propheseers is a tale of destiny. It is a tale of the past and the future and the present.

Once upon two times, there lived the two most powerful wizards in the world. The two were so powerful that no one has even been more powerful, before or after. The two wizards were complete opposites. One was hot tempered, the other cold tempered. One was hasty, the other thoughtful. One was a woman, the other was a man. So complete opposites were they, that they were made for each other, destined to meet and be together.

However, so complete opposites were they, that the woman, Willow, was born at the very beginning of time, when time had just began to tick and the Land of All Legends had just been created, while the man, William, was born at the very end of time, and seemed fated to die when the Land of All Legends will end and all time will stop from ticking.

One day, when both wizards were twenty years old, then each of them, in his and her own time, performed the most powerful spell of all times. That powerful spell, performed at the beginning and at the end of time simultaneously, was made even more powerful by the wizards’ powerful destinies… And the spell went awry.

At that instant, they saw each other through time.

At that instant, they could speak to each other.

At that instant, they fell in love. But it wasn’t True Love. What they had was better. What they had no one else has ever had nor will ever have in the Land of All Legends. What they had is called Truly True Love.

At that instant, when they saw each other, and fell in Truly True Love, the powerful magic they had performed began to pull them towards each other.

William, at the end of time, began to move at great speed backwards in time, towards his Truly True Love.

Willow, at the beginning of time, began to move at great speed forward in time, towards her Truly True Love.

The two are moving through time, even as we speak, one forward, the other backwards, at a hastened pace. They are destined to meet exactly in the middle of time itself, exactly in-between the beginning and the end.

As they speed through time, they spend their years talking to each other about everything that is and everything that was and everything that will be.

During her journey forward in time, Willow the Wizard, who is a romantic, decided that she must help other people marry their happy destinies. And so, using information from the future that she receives from her Truly True Love, William the Wizard, she sends her faithful lackeys with messages about a future that has already happened.

That is why prophecies are never wrong. And that is also why prophecies always have happy endings. She only chooses to help those who have happy endings.

The lackeys, called the Foreseeing Propheseers, move regularly through time, like us. And they receive their messages through Willow the Wizard’s powerful magic spells. By the time they have given their messages, Willow the Wizard has leapt years into the future. And so the Foreseeing Propheseers must wait until a message from their mistress appears again in order to give another prophecy.

That is how years before you were born, King Charming the Fourth received a prophecy that involved a certain John the Cute that had not yet been born. And that is how, years later, your parents were visited by the Foreseeing Propheseers, and received a message that you will become king and that you will save the Land of All Legends.

That is the story, John the Cute, of the Foreseeing Prophesseers, of the only known case of Truly True Love, and of the prophecies that carry your name.

“That is a truly important story,” said King John the Cute. “But that cannot be true. Firstly, Death himself had told me that he has seen that not all prophecies are true.”

Linda of Galinda, the good witch, nodded. “Death has a prophecy hanging over his head, as well. There was a man who was supposed to save Death from himself. That man had died three hundred, thirty three years, thirty three weeks and thirty three days ago. That man died without saving Death. And yet all prophecies are based on a happy future. Perhaps Death will still get his happy ending.”

“Still,” said King John the Cute. “You said all prophecies are good ones. My prophecy tells of my early death, at the age of twenty. That cannot be good.”

“Perhaps you misunderstood the prophecy,” said Linda of Galinda. “Maybe your end is happier than you believe.”

King John the Cute considered the lines from the prophecy:

To save the land from danger’s strife,

He’ll pay the price with his own life.

No, there was no unclear double-meaning in that. He said, “Well, the prophecy does say that I will save the Land of All Legends. That is certainly a happy ending, even if it requires my death.”

“Perhaps,” said Linda of Galinda. “I know nothing about the content of the prophecy itself. Now, then, do you want to hear the tale of the death of the Land of All Legends?”

“Yes. Absolutely!”

“Then listen closely.”


(To be continued on Sunday…)

The Emoticon Generation by Guy Hasson

The Emoticon Generation


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