‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Laughter Fashions

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story. Here’s the story so far. We are in the middle:


The Laughter Fashions

(Containing the century-spanning tale of laughable fashions.)


Sadness struck me upon learning the truth, Benjamin Miller began the end of his story. My despair was deeper than it had ever been. I had no hope. Everything I had desired was gone. I would never see my parents. I would never return to my world. I had become another story in the Land of All Legends.

Upon exiting the Fun House Mirror wagon, I had enough strength to ask the guardian about where Sylvia had gone. But once he said he did not know, all strength left me.

The guardian brought me to the town. They looked at my despair and could not cope with someone who was extremely not funny and did not laugh at anything.

At the end of long discussions, they came up with a solution. They put me here in the mountain, and dug caves that, with the aid of glasses of magnifying qualities, looked into every part of the Land of No Respect. That way, sitting here, I could see everything that was going on on the island: so many funny things, so many ridiculous things, so many silly things. They hoped that with the centuries it would improve my mood.

I have been sitting here for almost five hundred and fifty years with sadness in my heart, and only the funny creatures of the Land of No Respect keeping my sadness slightly above great despair.

During all those years, every day that I have spent here, someone came and gave me food and water and slapped my face with five pies of whipped cream.

Over the centuries, I have seen creatures come and go, observed fashions appear with great excitement and disappear in disrepute. I have seen the island ruled by an incompetent police force that constantly bumped into each other. I have seen decades of ridiculous clothing fashions, meant to be funny rather than useful or appealing. I have seen decades in which the fashion was to make fun of anything that had just been said, simply by mimicking it. I have seen decades in which the style had been to throw things on one another. I have seen decades in which the fashion was to insult each other quietly and with clever words and to never touch. I have seen decades in which pooping was considered the greatest invention of modern times. I have seen decades upon decades of silliness, wackiness, zaniness, and ridiculousness. And that silliness, as much as it caused me pain, has also saved my sanity.

And that is the story of the happiest land in the Land of All Legends: the Land of No Respect. And it is also the story of the saddest man in the Land of All Legends: Benjamin Miller. And now, King John the Cute, you know my story in its entirety.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)





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