‘Tickling Butterflies’ – A Prophecy of Life

If you missed it, here’s how you can win a chance to have a fairy tale in The Tickling Butterflies universe written about you.

In any case, here’s the story so far. Now to the latest fairy tale…


A Prophecy of Life

(Containing a bewildering tale of life and death.)


“My third question to you is this,” began King John the Cute.

Death listened closely, afraid that he may be asked one of the three questions he knew he may never answer.

“In my travels, I have learned that you are the subject of a prophecy, a prophecy which you believe did not come to pass.”

“How do you know of this prophecy?!” For the first time in three hundred and thirty two years, Death was truly angered.

“Tell me of this prophecy,” King John the Cute said calmly.

“Tell me how you know of this prophecy!”

“Tell me of this prophecy,” King John the Cute repeated firmly, “or get out of my palace.”

The ministers, advisers, and general help once more held their breaths.

Death looked aside. Slowly, he conquered his anger. “Very well,” he said. The ministers, advisers, and general help released a sigh of relief. Death continued, “I will tell you the story of my prophecy. But my patience for your questions is growing short.”

King John the Cute said, “I am listening.”

“Once upon a time,” Death began to tell his third tale, “I was happy being Death. Being Death made me feel good, complete. I knew this was what I was meant to be.

“But then, one day, three hundred and thirty two years and thirty three days ago, I was visited by three Foreseeing Propheseers. They conveyed their prophecy quite efficiently. This was their prophecy.

“They said that one day, a person whose name I shall not repeat in front of any of you – they said this person would one day save me.”

“Save you?” King John the Cute said. “Save you from what?”

“From being Death,” answered Death. “They said this person would turn me from Death… to Life.”


“A being that brings life rather than death. A being who brings happiness rather than sadness. A being who brings tears of joy rather than tears of grief.

“The Foreseeing Propheseers said this, then vanished into thin air, to join their masters in their hastened trip through time.”

“That is amazing,” said King John the Cute. “I never imagined you would become Life.”

“Nor I. But once I had heard that prophecy, I could not get these strange thoughts out of my head. Suddenly, I no longer wanted to be Death. I wanted to be Life. I wanted to bring life to everyone. I wanted to bring happiness rather than sadness. I wanted to be the cause of tears of joy rather than tears of sadness. Suddenly, I was no longer happy being Death.

“And then, a short time later, I met the man the Foreseeing Propheseers had mentioned in their prophecy.”

“Three hundred and thirty two years ago?”

“Yes. Three hundred and thirty two years ago. I told him the prophecy, and he claimed he had no knowledge of how to turn Death into Life. I followed him doggedly. And then…” Death trailed off, silent.

“What? What happened then?” asked King John the Cute.

Death looked at King John the Cute accusingly, as if the king had done something wrong. “And then he died because his name was on my list. I had to claim his soul, for I am Death. And, with great sadness, I did. And as I did, I knew that forever I would remain Death, I knew that prophecies can be wrong, and that sadness will now forever fill my heart.”

“And this, King John the Cute, had been the story you requested, the story of Death’s prophecy, a story of sadness, a story of absolutely no use to you. And now we are done and our bargain is complete.”

“We are hardly done,” said King John the Cute. “I did not say how many questions I will ask you. However, back to your story: I have it on good authority that all prophecies are true. Could it be that you heard wrong? That you misunderstood?”

“I heard quite right. The name was quite clear. It was just as clear when it appeared on my list. It was just as clear when I carried it with my other souls.”

“This does not make sense to me,” said King John the Cute. “What was the name of that man?”

“His name does not matter to you. I shall not reveal it.”

“What does it matter? He is dead.”

“What does it matter to you, then? He is dead, after all,” answered Death.

King John the Cute considered this. Rather than solve a mystery, this story created a greater mystery. Yet was it worth it right now to pester Death for a name? Perhaps it was time for another question.

“Have it your own way, Death. For Now,” said the king. “Now for my next question.”

Death sighed. “I am listening.”

This has been the bewildering tale of Life and Death.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

Have a fairy tale written about you.



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