‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Boy Who Wanted His Mommy

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Boy Who Wanted His Mommy

(Containing a stray ending to a long story.)

Before you, dear readers, is not a whole story, but an ending of a story. The beginning and middle of the story happened a long time before the ending, and their details have been told elsewhere in this book of legends.

The ending of the story begins at the end of the last story:

“And near my lap was this book,” said Al the Average ,”a book that belonged to Charley, the book your Minister Vazir took from me.”

Minster Vazir looked down at the book in his own hands. As Al the Average finished his tale, the book in Minister Vazir’s hand became heavy with memories. The memories flowed from the book to Minister Vazir’s hands and into his blood. From there, they circulated throughout his entire body until they came to rest in his brain.

Suddenly, Minister Vazir, the man with no parents and no memory of his childhood, remembered everything he had forgotten.

“Al!” he shouted. “Al the Average! It’s you!” When Al the Average looked at him in surprise, Minister Vazir turned to King John the Cute. “King John the Cute, I’m Charley! I’m Charley! Gladys is my mother! I remember everything now!”

Silence engulfed Minister Vazir, as the meaning of his words sank into all who stood there.

“Al!” Minister Vazir continued. “I remember my Teddy Bear! I remember the dragons! I remember my mother! I remember I don’t have a father! I remember how I wanted to get ice cream and suddenly I was sliding down a white slide and landed in a green field with no memory of who or what I was!”

Everyone stared at Minister Vazir. King John the Cute realized this was why Death had looked at Minister Vazir when he mentioned creatures who come from other lands. Death had seen it in Minister Vazir’s aura!

Suddenly, Minister Vazir fell to his knees and screamed in passion, “I want my mommy! I want my mommy! I want my mommy!”

In exactly this way he kept screaming for five minutes, until King John the Cute calmed the minister down. “Minister Vazir,” he said. “Charley… It seems that the Fates had indeed brought Al the Average to us for a reason. It seems that Al the Average’s story does have a happy ending. I must tell you something now. Are you listening?”

Minister Vazir nodded.

“Benjamin Miller here also comes from your world,” said King John the Cute. “I have vowed before him that I will find him a way back home. Now I vow before you that I will find both your ways home. We will discover the path to this strange world Al the Average has visited, and we will reunite you two with your parents.”

“My parents are long dead,” said Benjamin Miller. “I am seven hundred years old.”

“I’m a grown man,” Minister Vazir said. “My mother must have forgotten about me.”

King John the Cute raised his hand. “If you recall Al the Average’s stories, time passes differently on that world. Years pass here while only a few months pass over there. I believe the Fates would not have brought us together if there was not to be a happy ending to the story. I believe your mother,” he gestured at Minister Vazir, “is still young. And I believe that your mother,” he gestured at Benjamin Miller, “is still alive.”

Benjamin Miller and Minister Vazir both began to cry.

This has been the happy tale of a happy ending to many stories, even though the story itself ended in tears.

Even as the two men were crying, Colonel Stone rushed into the court of the palace, having just rushed into the palace, having just rushed into the city.

“King John the Cute,” Colonel Stone exclaimed. “The mission you have given me has been successful! I have found the whereabouts of Magno the Magnificent. He has, as you suspected, captured the Original Monster and is now living on the River Red Continent.”

“Excellent work, Colonel Stone,” said King John the Cute. “Benjamin Miller assures us that the Original Monster knows the path to that other world we seek. Come, all! Come, Chariot! We leave immediately for the River Red Continent!”


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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The Emoticon Generation


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