‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Stone Child

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Stone Child

(Containing an edifying life-lesson of a woman who became a mother.)


Another month passed. For thirty days and thirty nights, Farmer Moozik did not come out of his stone house. For thirty days and thirty nights, Chariot did not succeed in escaping. Every once in a while, King John the Cute’s voice would still be heard echoing softly, calling for his friend.

At the very last minute of the third month, Farmer Moozik emerged from his stone house and said, “I have told you two stories. Now I will tell you the third. Listen closely, my little boy cloud.”

Chariot scowled, but listened.

“Once upon a time in the River Red Continent there lived a powerful wizard called Mage Grant. Mage Grant loved to grant wishes. He was especially good in granting parents’ wishes for their children. People came to him from all across the continent, asking him to grant their children luck, wealth, power, and more. He was always glad to do so, and made sure that his charms gave the children good luck, wealth that caused happiness, and power that could not become evil.

“One day, a woman came to him. She was poor. The clothes on her back were the only clothes she had. Her entire family had been killed in a war. She was young, her behavior was strange, and her name was Rose Tattoo.

“ ‘Please, wizard,’ the woman pleaded. ‘I have not been able to have a child. And now my husband is dead and my family is dead and I have nothing at all in the world. Please grant me a child.’

“Mage Grant cast a spell that looked deep into the woman. He saw that her mind was disturbed and crazed. He peered into her womb and saw that she was barren and could not have children. He looked within her heart and saw that her heart was good but that her life was tough beyond reason. Mage Grant then knew that if he would do nothing, Rose Tattoo’s sanity would take over her and never heal.

“Mage Grant made a decision. He knew that he could not give the woman a child, for her womb was barren. And so Mage Grant took a heavy stone from the ground. He cast a spell on Rose Tattoo, then gave her the heavy stone.

“ ‘Rose Tattoo,’ he said. ‘This is your baby. Please make sure he grows up to be a healthy child.’

“With the spell cast, Rose Tattoo looked at the stone and saw her own baby. Even though everyone else saw a stone, she saw a baby. And at that time, at that moment, something happened to her that happens to every parent who is ready to have a child and then has one: her mind changed as if in a spell, and all her life seemed to her to lead to this moment, to this child. All her life seemed perfect, because it led to this child.

“And so, once she left Mage Grant with great thanks, she dedicated all her life to bring up her child, to care for him and feed him and make sure he lacks for nothing in the world. She found a job and worked hard to make sure she could feed her baby. She loved her child and so did not let moments of despair stop her. She wanted to love her child for many years, and so she drove the craziness of her mind away.

“The stone child she carried everywhere had helped her fix her life. And when she was old and dying and could not care for her child anymore, something happened that even Mage Grant did not expect. The stone child turned into a real adult. And the adult loved her and remembered everything she had done for him. And now the adult took care of Rose Tattoo in her old age.

“And that, my dear, little boy cloud, is the story of the stone child.”

Chariot said nothing. He thought the story was beautiful and touching, but he did not understand how this story could convince him to betray his friend.

Farmer Moozik looked at Chariot, waiting for the question that did not come. After a minute and eleven seconds, he shrugged and said. “I will leave it to you to understand the life-lesson of this story.”

With that, Farmer Moozik turned around and reentered his stone house, leaving Chariot alone, sad, and confused.

This has been yet another touching life-lesson from the River Red Continent.


(To be continued on Sunday…)
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The Emoticon Generation


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