Turning Your Life into a Fairy Tale: Oded Ron

As you  know, three people will get to have their lives turned into a fairy tale in the Tickling Butterflies universe. Anyone can win a ‘ticket’. Another way is to be approached. A few people who I thought were interesting have been asked to guest post and write a paragraph or two about their lives, something that can be turned into a fairy tale.

Each person contacted can invite three other people (and only three) to do the same. You just have to choose interesting people.

The following is Oded Ron’s story. When I asked Oded how he wanted me to describe him, he sent the following picture, and asked to add “with a moustache”.

Legend of the Carefree Biker

The Legend of the Biker Who Rode on God

Here is what Oded writes:

The open road led us only one way… Chennai, Madras. Riding our old and dusty 1970’s Enfield bikes through the rural and wild midland of India, where few white men have been seen by local people. We had very little money, no way to communicate with locals and we were definitely way over our young, reckless heads. My best friend, who would later introduce me to my future wife, was in India for a year now, riding every back trail he could find. When I arrived to India we contacted each other and I was to join him in traveling the subcontinent on a bike.

I had purchased a 1974 350cc Enfield from a young, long haired hippie, who named his bike ‘BARAKA’ in a desperate attempt to persuade god into keeping him safe. Of course… as a devout and practicing atheist I had different ideas for a name. The word ELOHIM was proudly printed on the new LP I had made for the bike I just bought. And so we headed off, from India’s north end and southwards – me, my best friend and ELOHIM. And so started the hardest, weirdest, saddest and happiest and best 3 weeks of my life…

Thank you for sharing, Oded. Now your task is to find three more interesting people who are willing to tell their tales…


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