‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Story of the River Red Continent

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Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

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The Story of the River Red Continent

(Containing a sad but optimistic life-lesson about a witch, a dwarf, and a giantess.)


Five months had passed since Chariot had been snatched from the king’s presence. And on the last hour of the fifth month, old Farmer Moozik stepped out of his stone house and said, “Little boy cloud, the time has come for you to hear the story of the River Red Continent.”

Chariot, helpless, said nothing. And yet, there was a hope within him that somehow the old man would reveal a clue that would help him escape, or a hint that would help the king when Chariot would finally return to him. When Farmer Moozik spoke, Chariot listened:

“Once upon a time, a long long time ago,” began Farmer Moozik, “there was a giantess who lived on a cloud in the sky. The giantess was in love with a dwarf who lived on the land, in the Forest of Dreams. It was True Love for the two, and the giantess came down from the sky to live happily ever after with her husband. But when she climbed down from the clouds, she had accidentally crushed a rock that lay on the grass. Unbeknownst to her, there was a child hiding behind a rock. It was the child of the Good Witch of Panache. In coming down to meet her love, the giantess had killed the witch’s young boy.

“The witch was stricken with grief.

“The giantess was beside herself and apologized without end.

“But the witch would not have it. She cursed the giantess thusly, ‘As long as you are alive,’ said the curse, ‘you shall never give birth and never give life’.

“The giantess begged her to take the curse back, but the witch escaped and disappeared forever. Wallowing in despair, she became the first evil witch. With a wave of her now-evil wand, she moved the entire village of Panache from the site of almost everyone who lives. In hiding, she had turned the village of good witches to a village of bad witches. But that, perhaps, is another story.

“Meanwhile, under the plain sight of the sun, the giantess and the dwarf tried to live happily ever after, but the curse marred their happiness. The dwarf became sick and was about to die of sadness. At his deathbed, the giantess said, ‘If I cannot give birth to life when I am alive, then I shall give birth to life when I am dead.’

“The dwarf died, and soon afterwards, the giantess fell ill with grief and was about to die. But the giantess was so big, that she knew that if she died she would fall and crush many cities.

“When her stomach began to bleed and blood ran down her body and even between her legs, she stepped into the ocean and began to walk. She walked for days with massive steps, bleeding all the while. She stopped walking when she found an abandoned and lifeless piece of ocean. There, she collapsed on her back and died.

“Her stomach opened, and inside were trees and flowers, birds and fairies. Once she was dead, everything her blood touched grew and became life. In death, she had given life. Her entire body became a continent upon which lived all the creatures he had birthed.

“As the years passed, her body grew hard and turned into land and mountains, and soon there was no sign of the body of the giantess.

“But until this day, for a few days every month, the river that runs through one side of the continent to the other runs red with blood. And it is that red water that replenishes all life on the River Red Continent. It will grow any seed of any plant, it will give better health to any person. Mothers who are with child and drink the red water will have healthy children.

“This has been the story of the River Red Continent. And the life-lesson of this story, my dear, little boy cloud, is that death can bring life. I will leave you now to ponder this life-lesson.”

“Wait, wait!” cried Chariot. “Please tell me more about the village of Panache!”

Farmer Moozik stopped, with his hand on the door handle, and said, “My dear, little boy cloud, there are many stories to tell about the village of witches called Panache, but I promised to tell you six stories and only six stories, and the stories of Panache are not the stories I need to tell you.”

“Please tell me something of Panache.”

“I will tell you one fact, little boy cloud, and only one fact,” Farmer Moozik said, and Chariot listened intently. “The village of Panache is the place where Prince Charming the Fifth will strike the blow that will kill King John the Cute.”

A chill ran through the white drops of the cloud known as Chariot. But before Chariot could regain his composure, Farmer Moozik entered his stone house and closed the door behind him.

This has been yet another fascinating life-lesson from the River Red Continent.



(To be continued on Sunday…)

The Emoticon Generation

The Emoticon Generation


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