‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Girl Who Wanted Two Things at Once

You can win a chance to have a fairy tale written about you in the Tickling Butterflies universe!

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Girl Who Wanted Two Things At Once

(Containing a sad and terrible life-lesson about a girl who wanted too much too quickly.)


Six months had passed since Chariot saw King John the Cute. Six months Chariot has been imprisoned by Farmer Moozik in his farm. And on the last day of the sixth month, Chariot felt expectant, for Farmer Moozik had promised to release him.

Fifteen minutes before the very last second of the very last day of the very last month, Farmer Moozik emerged from his stone house. Chariot’s fluffy heart began to race.

“I will now tell you the sixth story out of six,” said Farmer Moozik. “This is the last tale you shall ever hear from me. Listen to it, and I will release you from your prison.”

“I agree,” Chariot said. “Tell me the story.”

“Once upon a time, in the River Red Continent, was born a wonderful baby girl called Billy Bilby. Baby Billy Bilby was feisty and even from the first moments of her life knew exactly what she wanted. When she suckled, as babies do, from her mother’s milk, she wanted the food so badly that she sucked it in and filled her mouth with milk. But she had sucked in so much, that her mouth was too full, and she coughed. But when she coughed, she cried because she wanted her mother’s milk in her mouth. Baby Billy Bilby always wanted two things at once, and as you can see it began at an early age.

“Even when she was nine years old, the same problem plagued her. When she came out of her house, she saw the boys playing cops and robbers on one side, and the girls playing catch on the other side. Since she wanted to play both cops and thieves and catch, she ran to her right, then her left, then her right, then her left, and played with no one.

“When she grew up and became an adult, Billy Bilby was quite upset. She could not find a job, because there were always two jobs available, and she wanted both. She went hungry, because she wanted to prepare two different dinners, and so she made none. She could not choose between two men and so she chose none.

“Billy Bilby realized that something was wrong. And so she went to see psychologist to see if he could help.

“Upon hearing Billy Bilby’s troubles, the psychologist said, ‘Billy Bilby, your problem is quite simple. You always want two things at once, and so you cannot choose.’

“Billy Bilby understood the truth of the psychologist’s words. She thanked him greatly, and knew that a change was necessary in her life. At that moment, on that day, she decided to change her ways. From that moment on, if she wanted two things she would not choose none – she would choose both!

“And so Billy Bilby who could not choose between two men, married them both. And every day, the men fought and argued with each other. For every dinner that Billy Bilby wanted to make, she made two. And so, within a year, she was as big as a small giant. And when she had to choose a job, Billy Bilby chose both jobs and worked so hard she never slept.

“We do not yet know the end of the story of Billy Bilby, the girl who wanted two things at once, for Billy Bilby is still alive, and I hear she has set up another appointment with a psychologist. But enough of the story has been told to leave us with a life-lesson.

“And I will tell you the life-lesson of this story, little boy cloud, before you even ask. The life-lesson of this story is that you cannot want two things at once, because you will only get one. You, my little, boy cloud, want your king to live and the Land of All Legends to be saved. You cannot want two things at once, because you can only have one.”

Chariot understood the life-lesson, but did not respond. “Will you release me now?”

Farmer Moozik said, “I will be true to my promise. I will now release you.”

Having promised, Farmer Moozik touched the steel rod, and the lightning from the ground ceased. Chariot was free!

This has been the illuminating life-lesson of Billy Bilby, the girl who wanted two things at once, and of the end of Chariot’s incarceration.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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The Emoticon Generation



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