‘Tickling Butterflies’ – Chariot’s Return

You can win a chance to have a fairy tale written about you in the Tickling Butterflies universe!

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


Chariot’s Return

(Containing a surprising convert of Farmer Moozik.)


This is the last tale of the saga of Chariot and Farmer Moozik.

On the very last second of the very last minute of the very last hour of the sixth month of Chariot’s incarceration by Farmer Moozik, Farmer Moozik touched the steel rod once more and released the lightning that held Chariot close to the ground.

As fast as he could, Chariot rose above the farm that had now grown musical notes aplenty. Higher and higher, he floated above the high mountains. Quickly, he passed their peaks and began to search for familiar faces.

“Chariot!” the king’s voice cried through the land, searching, seeking, needing.

“My king!” Chariot cried, and this time followed the voice.

Flying over the River Red, Chariot saw the king’s face. There, he stood upon a grassy knoll, and next to him were Colonel Stone, Benjamin Miller, Minister Vazir, Minister Azriel Jones, and beside them stood the king’s army, ready to attack.

“There!” the king cried, spotting Chariot. “My friend!”

“My king!” Chariot cried and descended upon the grassy knoll.

There was much rejoicing in the next few minutes. The king told Chariot how they had searched all over the continent for Chariot. He explained how his advisors had begged him to return to his quest, but that he would not have it until his friend was found once more. He told Chariot how he had ordered his advisors to return and search for the solutions to the mysteries of the land while he remained here to look for his friend, and how they had disobeyed and remained to help. Then, he at last told Chariot how he had decided to bring in the king’s army in order to search every inch of the continent.

Chariot, in turn, told the king of his own adventures. When he told King John the Cute of the Foreseeing Propheseers, the king was fascinated and wanted to hear it all.

“You must tell me all six stories,” the king said. “Word for word. I must know everything.”

The king listened to every word of every moment of his friend’s adventures. Then, when the story was finished, Chariot said, “But I was never convinced, I was never converted. I am with you to the end. I will fight with you to the death.”

The king shook his head. “You are wrong, my friend. If my death saves the Land of All Legends, you must help me die. That is the favor I ask of you. That is your king’s wish. Farmer Moozik is right. And I believe he told you these stories so that I would hear them, as well.”

“But, my king—” Chariot began to protest.

King John the Cute raised his hand. “I decree it, my friend. The land is more important than my life. If my death helps save the land, you must help me die. Now, come everyone! We have spent six months on the River Red Continent! We have one year left to save the Land of All Legends! We must return to the palace and waste no more time!”

King John the Cute and his party climbed aboard Chariot, while the army returned to the king’s ships. Chariot carried the king in silence.

This has been the story in which both Chariot and King John the Cute had learned important life-lessons from the time they had spent on the River Red Continent. Both had grown. And neither was the same as he had been when he had arrived.

This has been the last tale of the saga of Chariot and Farmer Moozik, for Farmer Moozik and his farm were never seen again.


(To be continued on Thursday…)

The Emoticon Generation

The Emoticon Generation


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