‘Tickling Butterflies’ – A Prelude to a Meeting of Magical Revelations

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:




A Prelude to a Meeting of Magical Revelations

(Containing a fantastic prelude to a fantastic meeting of magical fantasy.)


One day after his return from adventures detailed earlier in this book of legends, King John the Cute sat on his throne, worried. That day was the one year anniversary of his reign, and the king was not pleased with himself.

A year has passed, and he had not yet discovered the secrets of the Land of All Legends. A year has passed, and he did not yet know what illness plagued the land or how to solve it. A year has passed, and the Fairy Tale Tree has shown that the land was dying. A year has passed, and only one year remained until Prince Charming the Fifth would kill King John the Cute, according to the prophecy.

And so the king made a decision that would change history.

He gathered Colonel Stone, Minister Vazir, Minister Azriel Jones, and Benjamin Miller. This is what he said to them, “A year has passed since I have come to power and I feel I have not done enough to save the Land of All Legends. I must uncover as many of the land’s secrets as quickly as possible. The five of us shall sit here, and Minister Vazir shall tell us all that he knows about the secrets of magic. And we will not move from this place and we will not end this meeting of telling the secrets of magic, until we have discovered something that would help us save the Land of All Legends.”

The three advisors and seven-hundred-year-old man from another world agreed and immediately sat in a circle on the carpet near the throne. Minister Vazir stood up. With all eyes on him, he began to talk.

This has been the short prelude to a meeting full of magical revelations about the secrets of magic and hidden truths of the Land of All Legends.


(To be continued on Thursday.)

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