‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Good Luck Seeds

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Good Luck Seeds

(Containing a detailed explanation of the science of luck.)


One of the greatest mysteries of the Land of All Legends, Minister Vazir began to regale another tale of the known secrets of magic, has always been the nature of good luck and back luck.

This is a tale of Chance McGee. Chance McGee had a normal childhood and was quite a normal child, except for one thing. Chance McGee was afraid of bad luck. In the beginning, he believed that walking on pebbles incurred bad luck. Then he began to believe that looking at cats incurred bad luck. Then he decided that wearing long clothes incurred bad luck.

By the time he was ten, Chance McGee was so certain that everything incurred bad luck, that he now knew of only one thing that did not bring bad luck: bushes. And so, rather than walk on the ground (which brought bad luck, he believed), he would only walk on bushes. He would jump from bush to bush to visit his friends, to go to school, and to return home. And where bushes did not go, neither did Chance McGee.

One day, Chance McGee was seated on a small bush, when a wise and wizened old man came to him and asked him why he was sitting on a bush.

Chance McGee explained himself as best he could. And then, after having listened to his story, the wise and wizened old man said, “Well, if you are scared of something, why don’t you study it? If you study it, you will conquer it.”

“That is a great and impressive idea, old man,” said Chance McGee earnestly. “But how will I be able to study something that cannot be seen?”

“Well, then, I suppose it is your good luck, then, that I carry with me these two fruits.” The wise and wizened old man pulled out a red fruit from his right pocket and a green fruit from his left pocket. “The red fruit is a Good Luck Apple plucked from the Good Luck Bush. The green fruit is a Bad Luck Apple plucked from the Bad Luck Bush. If you eat the fruit of the Good Luck Bush, you will have good luck. If you eat the fruit of the Bad Lack Bush, you will have bad luck. However, if instead of eating them, you will plant them in the yard, you will learn how they behave.”

Chance McGee took both fruit and thanked the wise and wizened old man.

Once the wise and wizened old man had gone his way, Chance McGee planted both fruit in his yard and waited. To his surprise, from the Good Luck Apple rose a Bad Luck Bush, and from the Bad Luck Apple rose a Good Luck Bush.

Chance McGee spent his lifetime learning the secrets of good luck and bad luck. The more he learned, the less he was afraid. He had spent a hundred years discovering the secrets and science of good and bad luck. And this was his most important discovery: The Good Luck Apple has Bad Luck Seeds, and the Bad Luck Apple has Good Luck Seeds. This means that good luck grows out of bad luck and bad luck grows out of good luck. It also means that every good luck has Bad Luck Seeds buried deep within it and that every bad luck has God Luck Seeds buried deep within it.

And that is the most important secret of good luck and bad luck.

“Most wise,” King John the Cute said to himself, deep in thought. “The good luck of saving the Land of All Legends will also carry with it the bad luck of my death. That is quite interesting… Please, Minister Vazir, tell me more secrets. Tell me many more secrets.”

“I will, your highness.”


(To be continued on Tuesday…)
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