‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Statue with No Magic

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:

The Statue with No Magic

(Containing a magical tale of a statue with no magic.)


There is an important secret to magic that was discovered thanks to a mysterious statue, Minister Vazir said. Around Minister Vazir sat King John the Cute, Colonel Stone, Minister Azriel Jones, and Benjamin Miller. They listened rapt, as Minister Vazir told another tale revealing the known secrets of magic.

Once upon a time, Minister Vazir continued, a long long time ago in a land that no longer has a name and has vanished into the murky waters of a sea so old that it, too, is now dead – once upon a time, there suddenly appeared a massive statue. The statue appeared out of nowhere and for no apparent reason. The statue had no magical properties, and was therefore certainly not created at all by any being in the Land of All Legends. With the knowledge we have gained recently, it is reasonable to assume that the statue came from over there, the world of Benjamin Miller, the world I myself come from and hardly remember, the world from Al the Average’s tales, the world without magic.

The statue was that of a powerful and dignified man with his hand raised as if in salute and his eyes squinting as if he is looking at an important, faraway place. People tried to talk to the statue, but the statue did not talk. Good wizards tried to bring it to life, but the statue did not move. Evil witches attempted to cast spells upon the statue, to animate the statue and make it do evil deeds. But the statue did not move.

Legends grew around it: Where did the statue come from? What was it made of? Why was it impervious to magic? Why would no spells work upon it? Who was the person in the statue?

But it was all speculation, because no one to this day knows the truth about the statue. Some believed it was an admirable and great leader. Others believed it was a brutal dictator who wanted to be liked. But, again, no one knew.

Decades passed, and the legends about the statue died. It became part of the scenery. Birds perched upon it and built their nests in its hands and in its ears. Children climbed the statue. Adults painted it in celebratory colors.

A hundred more years passed, then two hundred. Then, on the three hundredth anniversary of the statue’s sudden appearance, a light appeared inside the statue’s eyes, a light as bright as the full moon. And when any person or creature would stare into the light, that person or creature would feel that all his bad deeds have been forgiven. Such a feeling was so powerful, that anyone who stared into the statue would change his life and become a better person.

Such is the power of the statue, and such it was for hundreds of years, until the island on which the statue stood sank into the ocean. Even today, it is rumored that the statue’s eyes glow at the bottom of one of the seas.

And the story of the big and mysterious statue taught the scientists a very important rule of nature: In the Land of All Legends, sooner or later everything becomes magic.

“Fascinating,” said King John the Cute. “Tell me more.”

(To be continued on Sunday…)
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