‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Also Truth

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Also Truth

(Containing the truthful tale of the Also Truth.)


Now I will teach you an important lesson about the lessons of stories, said Minister Vazir. King John the Cute, Benjamin Miller, Minister Azriel Jones, and Colonel Stone listened closely. Minister Vazir began,

As long as there have been stories to tell in the Land of All Legends, there have been the Also Trues. The Also Trues are three wise fairy judges. They cannot be seen and cannot be heard unless a special conflict arises and their services are needed.

As you know, whenever a story is told, or whenever something happens that could later be told a as a story, there appears in the mind of some a lesson that can be learned from the story. These lessons help tell deep truths about the world.

But sometimes a conflict appears between two lessons from two different stories. When that happens, the three Also Trues appear out of thin air and solve the conflict.

The most famous case happened three hundred and thirty three years and thirty three days ago. A young boy called Salvador the Painter painted the figure of the most beautiful woman in the world. After many adventures, the woman came to life and fell in love with Salvador the Painter. Salvador the Painter learned that beauty tells the truth, which is an important lesson.

But there was a problem. Three hundred and thirty three years and thirty three days before Salvador the Painter learned his lesson, another man called Shang Wei fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world at the time: Jinjing Lee. However, later he discovered that she had been an ugly witch that had put a spell on herself to appear beautiful. Shang Wei learned a most important lesson: Beauty is only skin deep.

And so, at the very minute and the very second that, centuries later, Salvador the Painter learned that beauty tells the truth, three fairy Also Trues appeared out of thin air.

“We have a most important problem,” said one.

“On the one hand, we have learned the rule of nature that says that ‘beauty is only skin deep’. That is a truth of the land.”

“On the other hand,” continued the third. (The three were quite good at finishing each others’ sentences), “we have also learned the rule of nature that says that ‘beauty tells the truth’. That is also a truth of the land.”

“While we know that beauty tells the truth, it is also true that beauty lies,” said the first judge.

“We also know that beauty is only skin deep,” added the second judge. “But it is also true that beauty, created by an artist, is created by a deep soul and is not skin deep.”

“It is also true,” remarked the third judge, “that beauty does not use words, and so beauty can easily lie. But it is also true that beauty is beauty in the eyes of all for all times, and therefore it is truthful.”

“We are ready to rule,” said the first Also True.

The second Also True spoke, “It is true that beauty tells the truth… But beauty tells the truth about he who sees it and not he who wears it.”

“And therefore,” the third Also True closed, “it is also true that beauty is only skin deep, for the one who wears it does not need to be truthful.”

With that, the three Also Trues vanished into thin air and left behind a confused Salvador the Painter. No one knows who these Also Trues are. No one knows if the same judges remain to judge the lessons through the centuries, or perhaps they are replaced by other Also Trues. It is rumored that somewhere, deep in the heart of the land, there resides a library of knowledge, the library of the Also Trues. In that library, so it is rumored, each lesson that had ever been learned is stored, and each Also True judging that has ever been given is also stored. But, as I said, no one knows where this library, if it exists, exists.

This has been the story of how lessons work and of the Also Trues.

King John the Cute nodded. “This has also been the story in which we learned of the truth behind beauty,” he said solemnly.

All present looked at King John the Cute who was deep in thought, and all knew that he was thinking of his own lost beauty. He was thinking of the cuteness he had been born with, which had not been gained because he had done something worthy. And he was thinking about how he had lost his beauty, and how his heart had not changed as a result.

Presently, King John the Cute shook his head, shaking these disturbing thoughts away. “Thank you for this story, Minister Vazir. Our knowledge is growing. Please, continue. A clue for the sickness that plagues the land no doubt hides within the secrets of magic that you speak of. Please continue.”

“With pleasure, your highness.”


(To be continued on Thursday…)

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