‘Tickling Butterfly’ – The Man with the Musical Body

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Man with the Musical Body

(Containing a sweet allegory of a brave man with a strange body.)


Now I shall tell you a tale, said Minister Vazir, of the magical properties of music.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, back before any of us were born, even back before Benjamin Miller was born… Back before our parents were born… Back before their parents were born… Back when the land was still young and smelled like babies, a special man was born.

His name was Harmony Tune, and his body was lined with pockets.

He had big pockets under his hands, big pockets under his chest, big pockets under his behind, big pockets under his legs, big pockets under his chin. Any place on his body that did not have big pockets had little pockets. Any place on his body that did not have big pockets or little pockets had tiny pockets.

His entire body was laced and lined with pockets. Each and every one of his pockets – big, little, or tiny – was laced and lined with teeny-tiny pockets. And the teeny-tiny pockets were laced and lined with petite pockets, which in turn were laced with minute pockets, which were also laced with diminutive pockets, which were lined with microscopic pockets.

The pockets did not store objects of any kind. No one knew what the pockets were for and no one knew exactly how many pockets were inside him .What everyone did know was that Harmony Tune was a great gifted musical baby, who grew into a brilliantly gifted musical kid, who grew into an exceptionally gifted musical man.

Harmony Tune loved music. He felt music and breathed music. He felt the music in the air. He felt the rhythms of the wind and the rhythms of the ground. He knew the rhythms of leaves falling down. He felt the rhythm of every person he came across. He felt the rhythm of the market, the different rhythms of people when they came together. He felt the rhythms of the waters in the rivers. Everything was music to him.

Then, one day, he began to sing. His voice was golden, but his singing was like rainbows. Whenever he opened his mouth to sing, a pocket or two would open, and musical rhythms he had stored during his life were released, and climbed up to blend with his voice and make it as true and perfect as a rainbow.

It was then discovered by the scientists of the day that musical rhythms can be stored in Harmony Tune’s body in the same way that other people store fat. Most people, it was discovered, have only microscopic pockets of music. Harmony Tune had millions and millions of pockets of all sizes.

It was also then discovered that beautiful music is the only thing that can make a dragon fall asleep. And it was providential that Harmony Tune was born when he was, because when he had turned twenty-five, an army of one thousand one hundred and fifteen dragons began to attack Capital City. The king’s army of knights was not enough to protect the city. The knights could slay all the dragons… only if all the dragons were asleep.

Harmony Tune was drafted by the king and was ordered to stand on top of the highest wall surrounding Capital City. There he stood alone, to thwart the dragon attack.

When he was prepared, the dragons began to come. There were ten at first. Harmony Tune began to sing, and as he began to sing, two of his pockets opened. His voice blended with the music in the pockets and the dragons fell in front of the wall, asleep. Ten more dragons came behind the first, and a dozen behind them, and a dozen behind them!

Wave upon wave they came, and Harmony Tune stood there and sang and sang and sang the most beautiful song. And when the dragons fell, they were slain by the king’s knights.

For five days and five nights, the dragons came. For five days and five nights, Harmony Tune sang his song, protecting his land from the danger. And the more he sang, the more tired he became. After the first day, all the music he had stored in the big pockets was spent. After the second day, all the music in the little pockets was spent and the pockets were emptied. After the third day, all the music in his teeny-tiny pockets was spent. After the fourth day, all the music in his diminutive and microscopic pockets was spent and there was no more music in his pockets. On the fifth day, as the final assault of dragons came, Harmony Tune sang from memory. He used every tiny speck of music that had been left anywhere on his body, every memory of any rhythm he had seen and heard.

The fifth day was the most awful for Harmony Tune, because he knew that any minute now his music would be spent, and there would be no more to protect the city.

But then the last dragon came, and Harmony Tune sang the last of his song.

When the dragon fell asleep, Harmony Tune fell to his knees and collapsed. He was exhausted. Every ounce of energy and music he had stored in his life had been spent during those five days. Every rhythm he had learned and known and memorized had been spent as well. There was nothing left within him. There was hardly enough rhythm in his body to breathe, there was hardly any rhythm in his body to allow his heart to beat regularly.

He was sent to sleep and lie down until he recovered. After a week of having no strength, he began to notice rhythms of the chirping of birds outside. The rhythm of the wind found its way to his diminutive pockets. The rhythm of the doctor taking care of him slowly filled his pockets as well.

Within a month, he had enough strength to walk again. After six months, he could smile and enjoy the world again. After a year, he was back to his old self, and all his pockets all over his body – even the diminutive and microscopic ones – were once more filled with music, but different music this time.

And that is the story, King John the Cute, of the magical properties of music and of the small magical pockets inside all of us.

“That is fascinating,” said King John the Cute. “And, who knows, it may or may not be useful some day. But I must learn more secrets of magic. Please, continue revealing the secrets of the land.”

“Yes, your highness.”


(To be continued on Sunday…)

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