‘Tickling Butterflies’ – Why Is the Sun Silent?

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


Why Is the Sun Silent?

(Containing an illuminating tale revealing why the sun never speaks.)


Now, began Minister Vazir, I shall tell you the illuminating story of why the sun is silent.

Once upon a time, thousands and thousands of years ago, when the continents had just formed and only a few hundred creatures walking the land, there were many suns in the sky. This was so long ago, that Death had not yet appeared, and none of the creatures had died.

There were many, many suns. Some, like our sun, moved across the sky from east to west. Some moved across the sky from west to east. Some moved from north to south, and some from south to north, and some changed their minds every other day.

Some suns were slightly more afraid, and so they moved from one side of the sky to another, but only close to the horizon. That way, if anything scared them, the suns would quickly sink and disappear over the horizon.

Some suns were yellow, like our own. Some suns were red. Some were orange. Some were white. Two were purple. And only one was green.

Our own sun was friendly with everyone. She loved all the others, and all the others loved her.

With every day that passed, the suns looked down at the creatures and saw new creatures being formed out of nothing at the Border of Nothing. During those times, the Land of All Legends was healthy, and new creatures were being created all the time.

Then, one day, Death arrived at the land, created at the Border of Nothing like all other creatures.

In the beginning, Death seemed to the sun just like any other strange creature that had appeared and populated the land. There was no way to tell that it was a different sort of being with different powers.

A few days later, our sun was in mid-sky, looking down, when she saw Death touch a woman. She saw Death take the woman’s soul. And she saw the woman die. With the knowledge brought to us by Death’s story, told by Death more than six months ago in this very palace, we now know this woman to have been Igda Bigda.

It was at that moment that our sun realized what had come to the Land of All Legends. It was at that moment that our sun realized that Death would take many creatures, that eventually Death would take the other suns: her friends. It was at that moment that our sun realized that Death would eventually come to her.

And so, the sun spent a hundred years fearful and frightful, as Death took creatures and people and animals. One day, Death climbed on top of the highest mountain on top of the highest cloud in Giant Country. From the top of the mountain, Death reached its deadly arm, and touched one of the suns.

When Death touched that sun, he gathered her soul. At that moment, that sun’s light went out. And when that sun, now black and cold, sunk beyond the horizon, she never rose again.

Our own sun was horrified at the loss of her friend, and she was greatly saddened. She began to cry. But suns do not cry tears of water, as we do. Suns cry tears of sunlight.

And the sun’s sunlight tears were so strong and powerful and painful, that people began to burn. The Sun quickly stopped itself, so as not to hurt any creatures. She held her mouth tight, and held her sadness within, and refused to cry.

The Sun was now in pain but could not cry.

A few more years passed, and Death touched another sun. Again, our sun, the Sun, was thunderstruck. It still felt it held back the tears of her last loss, when now she found she must hold back the tears for another friend.

The Sun held tight its mouth and would not release a whimper or a tear.

As the centuries rolled by, Death took out sun after sun after sun. And so, after many thousands of years, only our sun, the Sun, was left in the sky, alone, and proud, and silent, afraid that if she opened her mouth even once, she would burn people with her sadness.

And that is the illuminating story, said Minister Vazir, of why the sun is silent.

King John the Cute rose with a shout, “Thank you, Minister Vazir!” Without saying another word, he ran outside the room and out the palace.

This has been the illuminating story of how King John the Cute was enlightened with important knowledge.


(To be continued on Thursday…)

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