‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The King and the Butterfly

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The King and the Butterfly

(Containing a tickling tale of magic in a world you may find familiar.)


Once upon a time on the planet Earth, three people stood where none stood before. These three were King John the Cute, Benjamin Miller, and Minister Vazir.

The three stood in a small field of flowers next to a small road outside a small town and looked around.

Minister Vazir said, “Look at the city and all those people! There is no color in this world!” And he was right, for the Land of All Legends was much more colorful than the planet Earth.

Benjamin Miller said, “Look at the city and all those people! There is so much more detail in everything we see!” And he was right, for everything in the Land of All Legends had less detail than on the planet Earth.

King John the Cute, his lethal wound now only a dull pain, looked down and saw a butterfly resting on a flower. The king bent down and said, “Little butterfly, tell me your story.”

The butterfly fluttered and rose into the air. There it flew in circles and came to rest on the king’s outstretched finger.

“You must be King John the Cute,” said the butterfly.

“That is correct,” answered King John the Cute. “How do you know of me?”

“The planet Earth has been waiting for you for a very long time,” replied the butterfly. “Will you listen if I tell you my story?”

“Of course,” answered the king. “I will listen intently.”

“This is the story of the planet Earth,” the butterfly began to tell its tale. “Everything in this world has a story to tell. Every object can speak. Every animal can laugh. And yet the humans who have taken over the world, the humans do not know how to listen. And so they do not see the magic and they do not hear the language of magic.

“One day, almost a thousand human years ago, a being appeared out of thin air. He looked human, like you, but was not human. No one knew his name, not even to this day. He did not speak his name. In fact, he did not speak to anybody about anything. He left society, and went to live in a cave as soon as he appeared fully-formed in the world.

“Fifty years later, the stranger to this world had become an old man. He collapsed alone in a forest and was about to die. With his dying breath he spoke for the first and for the last time.

“Only a butterfly heard his words. But these were the words he spoke, ‘One day,’ he whispered. ‘A man called King John the Cute shall arrive from another land. He shall wear a crown that will not come off and a wound in his chest that will not heal. That man shall come equipped with a special talent. For the first time in history, someone will listen to the magic of the world, for this man will know how to listen. During his short stay, he will heal the planet Earth and restore its link to magic. Thanks to him, humans will know magic, and animals and humans shall speak once more.’

“Having whispered these words, the stranger died. The single butterfly that heard him flew above the trees and spread the word about a magical man who will come and will know how to listen, a man who will restore the world’s connection to magic.

“Since then, the rumor of King John the Cute has spread to every object and every creature in every corner of the planet. A thousand years have passed since the strange man appeared in our world, and nine hundred and fifty of those years we have waited for your arrival.”

“I fear will not fulfill what others have promised of me,” said King John the Cute. “But I do know how to listen. I have met creatures who have been here, and they all say the same thing: this world has no magic.”

“That is what they say,” answered the butterfly, “because they do not know how to listen. This world is full of magic, but humans do not see it. This world is filled with magical beings, such as myself, but humans do not talk to them. And when we talk, the humans refuse to hear.

“This world is filled with adventures, but people fear them. This world is teeming with the imagination of young children, but no one knows they imagine truths. This world is full of magical spells that everyone dismisses. All but you, King John the Cute. I know now that it truly is you, for you have spoken to me and you have heard me when I speak and you have listened to my words. I leave you now, to explore a world full of magic.”

“Thank you, my friend.” King John the Cute tickled the butterfly for a short while, then released him. “Go about your way. Tell everyone that the king has come.”

The butterfly, tickled and happy, flew above the king’s head and flew away to spread the word.

This has been the story of King John the Cute’s arrival to a magical planet called Earth. This has also been the second story (out of two) in this book of legends about the obscure man who saved two worlds, but was forgotten by history.


(To be continued on Thursday…)

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