‘Tickilng Butterflies’ – The Museum of History

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Museum of History

(Containing an historical meeting at the Museum of History.)


Once upon a time on the planet Earth, three strangers to the world walked into a human town the first time in their lives. These three were the celebrated King John the Cute, Minister Vazir who was also known as little Charley, and the seven-hundred-year-old Benjamin Miller.

Once inside the town, they came upon a statue of a soldier, standing in the middle of a busy square.

King John the Cute approached the statue and said, “Excuse me, sir. We are new to this world and would like some direction.”

The statue looked at the threesome and saluted. “King John the Cute,” he said. “I have been waiting for you for a long time. How may I assist you?”

“We seek knowledge about this world and those who live here. Where can we get a lesson in its history?”

“That is a fortuitous question, for a five minute walk in that direction,” the statue pointed to its right, “is an art museum. There is nowhere better to learn of the history of the world.”

“Thank you, my friend,” said King John the Cute. “We shall be on our way.”

“My pleasure. I hope that by the time you leave this world, more people will speak to me.”

The threesome continued in the direction of the museum. Behind them, the statue froze in place once more. But for the first time since it had been erected, the statue no longer saluted, but pointed in the direction of the museum.

The entrance to the museum was free. Along with many other people of the town, the threesome from another world entered the museum.

The museum had corridor upon corridor of important paintings from the civilized history of man. The threesome entered a huge hall with dozens of paintings. People stood around looking at the paintings, when King John the Cute suddenly declared in a loud voice. “Paintings! We are new to this world! Can you teach us about its history?”

People stopped and looked at the strange man wearing the crown. Then the paintings began to whisper to one another, “King John the Cute!” “It’s King John the Cute!” “King John the Cute has finally come!”

“You are welcome in our museum, King John the Cute,” said an old Renaissance painting.

The people in the room gasped. Two elderly gentlemen fainted.

“It is true that we have seen quite a lot through the centuries,” spoke an old painting of a young woman. “And we talk amongst ourselves at night, compare stories, especially stories about the painters that drew us. We have been doing so in preparation for your coming. And I believe that of all the things we have seen, one story will be of the utmost importance to you and your quest.”

“Did you hear the painting talk!” shouted a woman.

“Please be quiet, people,” King John the Cute hushed the crowd. “Let us listen to the tale of the paintings.” The room fell silent. Everyone listened.

Although we all have different stories to tell, began the old painting of a young woman, and although we were all created by different artists in different times at different places, there is one story that repeats again and again in all of our experiences. This is the story we wish to tell you.

This is the story of the land from which you come, King John the Cute, a land whose name we do not know, a land of man’s artistic creations. It is also the story of the artists. Each of us was drawn by an artist, a talented artist who felt big emotions, dreamed big dreams, and knew that there was something inside of him that was special.

When each of our artists had a particularly good day painting, he later looked at the perfection he had created and knew that it was better than anything he could ever have done. Some of the artists felt that the hand of God somehow rested on them and caused them to paint better than is humanly possible. Some artists believed that art was more important than life. But all artists believed that there is somehow a truth that exists outside this world, and when they paint perfection, they paint that truth. They believe in a world of art, a world of invention, where everything is truthful and beautiful. They believe that world exists outside of Earth. They believe that world exists regardless of Earth. That world cannot be tainted and cannot be touched, but when a painter paints perfection, that world touches him.

All of us paintings agree that this could not be a coincidence. Surely the artists agree for a reason. Surely a world of truth and beauty is the world from which you come. Surely this has been the story of your own world, the name of which we do not know.

With these words, the painting’s story was done. All people in the room turned their heads from the paintings to the king standing in the middle of the room.

“You tell a fascinating story,” said King John the Cute, carefully considering his words. “And surely it is not a coincidence, as you paintings say. However, a few people have come from your land to ours, and so our world can be touched. Our world suffers from an illness now, so surely it is not perfect and can be tainted. There is truth to your story and the story of your painters, but I am not sure what the lesson of your story is. Still, you have given me much to think about. I thank you for this history lesson. And I must depart, for I have great tasks ahead of me and very little time.”

“It has been our great pleasure to meet and assist you,” said the old painting of a young woman. “And I believe I speak for all the paintings.”

The threesome thanked the paintings and left the museum, deep in thought.

This has been the artful tale in which King John the Cute received a history lesson about the magical planet known as Earth.


(To be continued on Sunday…)

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