‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Shadows of Astronauts

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Shadows of Astronauts

(Containing a lighthearted tale about the dark side of the moon.)


This is a magical tale of the magical planet Earth. It is a tale told in three separate-but-equally-important parts.

The threesome, in this three-thronged tale, left the museum and came upon a highway. There they stood, at the side of the road, and with a wave of the king’s hand, stopped every car that went by. They asked each of the cars if they had seen the mother of Minister Vazir, known as Gladys Poindexter. They also asked if they had seen or heard of the mother of Benjamin Miller, Missy Miller, or any of her descendents. Seven hundred years have passed for Benjamin Miller in the Land of All Legends, but perhaps only a hundred or two hundred have passed on this world. Lastly, King John the Cute enquired as to the whereabouts of a man of academia known as Doctor Dave Daniels, the man who has discovered the Original Monster’s original story. Doctor Dave Daniels had been young when he had met the Original Monster a few hundred Land of All Legend years ago. Perhaps he was still alive in this world.

The cars welcomed King John the Cute to their world and said they have been looking forward to his arrival for a long time. None of the cars knew of any of the people the king was looking for, but they said they would ask any car they met, and ask them to ask more cars. If any of the cars would see these people, they would report to all other cars, and so the word would return to a car that sees the king.

King John the Cute always thanked the cars and allowed them to continue on their ways.

The threesome stopped traffic for hours, until night came.

“Look at the moon, my liege,” pointed Minister Vazir. “There is no writing on it.”

And, indeed, on the planet Earth, Martin had not climbed the ladder to write of his love to Amy on the moon.

The world had turned dark, and street lights had turned on everywhere.

King John the Cute approached a street light and said, “Street Light, my name is King John the Cute. I am new to this world and seek to learn its secrets. Surely, you have seen many things standing here as you are. Would you be kind enough to tell me your story?”

“King John the Cute,” said the street light, “it would be my honor. But I am not certain that what I have seen can be of any interest to you. I stand here every day. When the sun goes down, my light goes up, and I look underneath. Many people pass me by, on their way home or on the way to a restaurant or a pub. Sometimes they stop underneath me to talk amongst themselves or joke or even kiss. Sometimes a policeman chases a thief, and for a minute there is much excitement in my life. Sometimes flies are attracted to my light and try to throw themselves at me. I ignore them.

“The darker the night grows, the less people I see. Less people pass me by, less cars whiz below me, and shadows begin to rest. And then the night grows completely dark, and even shadows fall asleep. That is my favorite time, because when shadows sleep, I watch them dream.”

“No one dreams in my world except me,” said King John the Cute. “Not even shadows. What do shadows dream of in this world?”

“Shadows dream of the dark side of the moon,” answered the street light. “The dark side of the moon never faces the sun, and so it has no light on it anywhere. Shadows dream of playing freely on an entire world without worrying about the direction of the light or about becoming small or about stretching. There is freedom for them on the moon. There they can relax.

“I have even heard it from shadows, that all astronauts that have come to the moon have left without their shadows. Their shadows remained behind, and slipped to the dark side of the moon, where they can play and live in complete freedom. That is why there are a handful of people on this world walking around without shadows. These are the astronauts that have walked on the moon.”

“Thank you very much for your story,” said King John the Cute. “You have taught me important facts. But we have talked much and I see now that the sun is coming up and your light is coming down. Sleep well, gentle street lamp, and dream happy dreams, for that is my decree.”

Even as the king spoke, the street lamp fell asleep.

As the king looked up, a swarm of thousands of butterflies approached from the east. The sun was coming up, filling the sky with pink and red and light blue, while the butterflies filled the land with orange and red and purple and black. And even though it was the most colorful sight the king had seen on the planet, it was still not as colorful as an ordinary day in the Land of All Legends.

The swarm of butterflies came to rest in front of King John the Cute, Benjamin Miller, and Minister Vazir.

“My king,” said the butterfly the king had already met. “Word has spread to the entire world that King John the Cute had arrived. These are a few of my friends, and for the time that you will spend on this planet, they have volunteered to be your chariot. We will carry you and your friends anywhere you wish.”

“Thank you, my friends,” said King John the Cute. “It would be our honor if you were to be our chariot. Let us now head north, and see where fortune leads us.”

Thousands of butterflies held tight to the bodies of the king, the minister, and the old man, and lifted them high in the air. The butterflies were so many and so colorful, that from afar, it appeared as if three men with colorful wings were flying in the air.

This has been the story, told in three parts, in which King John the Cute began to head north, where further adventure awaited him. This has also been the story in which King John the Cute made an error in fact. He was not the only one in the Land of All Legends who dreamed. There was one other. Her name was Sarah O’Connell.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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