‘The Indestructibles’ Film Premiere Announced

The Indestructibles will premiere in the Utopia Film Festival 2013 in Tel Aviv.

The film will premiere on Sept. 24th, at 16:00 in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque. After the film there will be a short Q&A with the film’s actors and myself.

Here’s a link to the Facebook event. Join us, share it, pass it on, spread the word.

What’s the film about: The superheroes were defeated. Earth is littered with hundreds of thousands of superhero vegetables that cannot die and do not grow old. One day superheroes come back…

The Indestructibles is an independent, low-budget SF film. Originally a script for a $200 million budget movie, the digital age allowed me to rewrite it and shoot it for $250.

And if you haven’t followed The Indestructibles’ film journal, now’s your chance.

And here is the final poster, shot by Oren Hasson, designed by Oran Almog:

Even gods must die...

Even gods must die…

Written, directed, shot, and produced: Guy Hasson
Starring: Tamara Pearlman, Nathalie klein Selle, Tomer Shechori
Music: Boaz Cohen
Editor: Oran Yekutiel


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