‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Happy Balloon

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Happy Balloon

(Containing a lighter tale about the density of happiness.)


Once upon a time on the planet Earth, King John the Cute flew into town upon his chariot of butterflies. Beside him on the chariot of butterflies were Minister Vazir, the lost boy who wanted his mother, and Benjamin Miller, the seven-hundred-year-old man.

From his magnificent chariot, the king looked down at the land. He saw roads and parks pass him by, tall buildings and small buildings, cute people and sad people. Then, suddenly, a hint of color caught his eye. The color was more powerful than any color he had seen since he had set foot on this world. The color was as powerful as any color in the Land of All Legends.

“My dear new chariot, stop!” ordered King John the Cute. “Do you see that splash of color over there? Please, lead us to it.”

The chariot, created by exactly ten thousand butterflies, slowly descended in the middle of a green park. Soon, the threesome was standing in the middle of a green park next to a woman who was holding the hand of her son who, with his other hand, was holding a red balloon. The butterflies fluttered and disappeared into the trees.

“Wow,” said the woman, her mouth agape.

“Wow,” said the six-year-old child next to her. The red balloon in his hand seemed as red as anything red from the Land of All Legends.

“Dear woman,” said King John the Cute, “and dear child, I wish to speak to your balloon.”

“You what?” said the woman.

“Huh?” said the child.

“Red Balloon,” began King John the Cute. “I come from another land and wish to solve the mysteries of the world. Can you help me?”

“You must be King John the Cute,” said the red balloon. “I have heard about your coming from the day I was born. I am happy to see you and talk to you. I will be happy to help you any way I could. In fact, I am already happy in every way imaginable.”

“Huh?” said the woman.

“What?” said the child.

“I have noticed,” King John the Cute said to the balloon, “that this land lacks color that my own land has in abundance. And yet you seem to possess the abundance of color that I am used to. Can you explain to me how that can be?”

“The answer to that is simple,” said the red balloon. “Balloons are magic.”

“What?” said the woman.

“Huh?” said the child.

“Balloons,” the red balloon continued, “are filled with happiness. Happiness expands within us and makes us big. You may not know this, but happiness is less dense than air, and so it always wants to go up. That is why balloons float ever so high. Best of all, we are attached to a magic string. When a child holds our string, a little happiness passes from us to the child, and a little sadness passes from the child to us.”

“What what?” said the woman.

“What what what?” said the child.

“And so,” continued the red balloon, “every time a child touches a balloon, he is filled with a small bit of happiness. Balloons spread happiness in the world. However, as time passes, and many children touch us for long periods of time, we give away a lot of our happiness, and we store in a lot of sadness. With less happiness inside us, we slowly fall to the ground and no longer make children happy.

“And yet, there is always one piece of happiness magically stored within us. It has a special purpose. For when we die, usually in an explosion, we are always happy! We are happy that we have fulfilled our purpose.”

“Ah,” said King John the Cute.

“Fascinating,” said Benjamin Miller. “I never knew this.”

“If I was back in the palace, I would write this in my books,” said Minister Vazir.

“I thank you, Red Balloon, for your assistance. You have helped me understand this world as well as my own. I shall now bid you farewell and joy in your magical task. My new chariot! Let us go east and see where fortune leads us!”

With the wing flutter of ten thousand butterflies, the king and his two advisors were carried into the air and to the east.

“What just happened?” said the woman, who stared at the king’s chariot.

“Hey, balloon!” said the kid. “Want to be my friend?”

“I was waiting for you to ask,” answered the balloon.

This has been the realistic tale in which King John the Cute learned that balloons are magic. This has also been the tale of the first time in history in which an Earth child began to talk to a balloon, and a balloon answered.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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