‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Soul and the Photograph

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Soul and the Photograph

(Containing a soul-searing tale of a soul-stealing photograph.)


Once upon a time, but not that long ago and not that far away, King John the Cute walked through a carnival in a small town in a small country on the planet Earth. A man dressed as a cowboy and holding a camera stepped in front of the king.

“Hello there,” said the man dressed as a cowboy. “I love your costume. Especially the crown and the blood on the chest.”

“The crown and the clothes no longer come off,” answered King John the Cute.

“I also love the awful experiences I see in your face. Your face is quite expressive. I have to take a picture.” And without asking for permission, the man pointed his camera at King John the Cute and took a photograph. The flash blinded the king. By the time he regained his sight, the photographer was standing next to him with a black-and-white photograph.

“There you are,” said the photographer. “Your features are so striking and tell such a sad story, that I will give you your photograph for free. Enjoy.”

The photographer handed the king a photograph of himself, and walked away.

King John the Cute looked at his own picture. “I do not understand what a photograph is,” the king said to himself.

“A photograph,” answered the photograph, “is a piece of you. It freezes a moment and it captures a very small piece of your soul.”

“So now I have two souls?” asked King John the Cute.

“You have only one,” answered King John the Cute in the photograph. “I am but a speck of the large and enormous soul that you have. I am a small piece of you that has been taken, but I am a small, tiny piece, so small that you will not feel my absence. However, when Death touches you and claims your soul, this piece shall forever remain behind, in this photograph.”

“That is intriguing and exhilarating,” said King John the Cute. “Perhaps, then, I should not take the photograph with me back to the Land of All Legends. I shall leave it behind on the planet Earth, where Death shall never reach it.”

King John the Cute left his photograph on a wall of a building and went on his way. Just as he left, King John the Cute in the photograph peered into himself to look at his own soul. Unburdened by the curse that haunts the soul of King John the cute, King John the cute in the photograph suddenly realized who King John the Cute really was. But by this time the real king had gone, and the king in the photograph knew he will never set eyes on the original again.

This has been the soul-searing tale of a soul-stealing photograph.


(To be continued on Sunday…)

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