‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Legend of Mamma Miller

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Legend of Mamma Miller

(Containing an earthly tale of an extremely old young man.)


Once upon a time, on the planet Earth, there lived a woman called Missy Miller.

One evening, a knock on the door sounded. Missy Miller opened the door. Two strangers stood in front of her: A tall man with a crown and a short and extremely-old old man.

“Are you Missy Miller, mother of Benjamin Miller?” asked the tall man.

Missy Miller nodded. The old man gasped, as if he found it hard to breathe.

“My name is King John the Cute,” the tall man continued. “I have come to tell you that your son would like to see you.”

Missy Miller took a step back. “Is this a joke?” she said.

“No joke. I know it has been a long time and many things have happened. But your son has returned.”

“My son,” Missy Miller raised her voice in fear and anger, “is in the other room, sleeping safely!”

The old man looked at the tall man and whispered, “Look at her. She is so young! How much time do you think has passed?”

The tall man nodded. But before he could respond, Missy Miller saw a small pillow in the old man’s hands. “What are you doing with my son’s Mickey Mouse pillow? How did you get that?”

Missy Miller ran to the other room to see whether her son was safely asleep. Her scream could be heard through the walls. “My god! What did you do with my son! He was here ten minutes ago!”

Missy Miller emerged from her son’s room like a storm, “What did you do with Benjamin? Where is Benjamin?!”

She stopped suddenly, as she saw that next to the tall stranger, where the extremely-old old man once stood, now sat a three-year-old young boy, who was himself holding the worn and torn Mickey Mouse pillow.

“What is Benjamin doing there?” she demanded.

The tall man with the crown took the child and offered him to her. “As I said, Missy Miller. Your child would like to see you.”

Missy Miller took her three-year-old son, Benjamin Miller, to her hands. He clung to her as if he had not seen her in a week.

“I see that he is in good hands,” said the tall man. “I will not trouble you again.”

King John the Cute shut the door and left mother and child together. On the wind, Benjamin Miller heard his whisper, “Goodbye old friend. We shall not meet again.”

Benjamin Miller cried and felt his mother’s warmth. And in his hand, he held a pillow worn beyond measure.

This has been the magical, earthly tale of the seven-hundred-year-old child.


(To be continued on Thursday…)

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