‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Magic of Butterflies

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Magic of Butterflies

(Containing a transforming story of magical metamorphosis.)


Once King John the Cute had been on the planet Earth for three weeks, three days, three minutes, and thirty three seconds, a butterfly from his chariot came to him. King John the Cute was lying down on a park bench, resting, for the wound in his chest ached more powerfully these days. The butterfly rested on the king’s finger and spoke, “Your highness, I do not want to bother you while you rest, but I must inform you that I will now stop serving as one of the butterflies of your chariot. I am forced to bid you adieu.”

“That is a sad fact indeed,” King John the Cute sat up. “You are, of course, free to do as you wish, but I shall miss you. May I ask where you are going?”

“I am about to be born,” said the butterfly.

“I do not understand,” said the king. “Are you not already born?”

“Perhaps things work differently in the Land of All Legends than they do on Earth. May I share with you the story of a butterfly’s life?”

“That would be a great parting gift,” said King John the Cute. “I am listening.”

Every butterfly has five phases in his life, began the butterfly. Each phase is a big change and is called a metamorphosis.

A butterfly begins his life as an egg, small and helpless, but cute.

Once the egg is ready to open, the second phase begins: a caterpillar comes out of the egg and begins to walk. The caterpillar walks and eats, and when he is ready, he surrounds himself with a special cocoon called a chrysalis. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar grows and grows, he transforms and transforms, then he changes and changes, and then when he is ready, the chrysalis opens and a butterfly emerges. That is the fourth stage.

The butterfly then lives a full life. But when he is ready, he must go and complete the fifth stage. And the fifth stage has to do with the first stage. Because a butterfly egg is created from the happy dreams and fervent wishes of women. The happy dreams and fervent wishes of one woman create one egg. That egg eventually becomes a butterfly, and when that butterfly is ready he returns to the woman and attaches himself to her bare stomach, which has grown quite big during that time. The butterfly glows and disappears, only to reappear in her stomach as the baby she will have.

You see, King John the Cute, all babies from Earth are born from butterflies.

“It is time now for me to go, King John the Cute,” the butterfly finished his story. “The woman from whose dreams I come is already on the way to the hospital.”

“Thank you for your story, little butterfly,” said King John the Cute. “Enjoy your life as a human. Allow me to give you one last parting gift.” With that, King John the Cute tickled the butterfly. The butterfly laughed and flew away, ready to be born.

This has been the story in which King John the Cute learned that all humans were butterflies once, and that birth is magic.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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