‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Imagination of Children

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Imagination of Children

(Containing the tale of the tale that would never become a fairy tale.)


This is the story of a single bubble, containing the imagination of a child.

The story takes places in a kindergarten on the magical planet Earth, quite far from where you are right now.

The bubble was first created in the mind of a four-year-old child called Jimmy “the Jim” Germaine. Jimmy had just looked at the sky through the window and saw a bird. In his mind, he imagined a family of birds flying through the sky.

Thus, the bubble was born.

It separated from his mind, an entire world ensconced inside a sphere. Near the bubble stood the one known at the time as King John the Cute.

King John the Cute had been attracted to the kindergarten. He had seen a sea of bubbles through the kindergarten’s open door, and walked in. Looking underneath the sea of bubbles, he saw fifteen small children. They were playing and imagining, and bubbles came off their heads a dozen at a time, at a rate even quicker than that of the mysterious old storymaker he had met a while ago.

Ever since King John the Cute had seen his first bubble and learned of its nature, he was intrigued. He had come from a faraway land in which almost all who lived there were invented in the imagination of people on the planet Earth.

King John the Cute felt that bubbles somehow become people in the Land of All Legends. If he learned the process, he could perhaps find a clue about the ailment that has taken over his land.

King John the Cute decided to solve the mystery by following a single bubble. And so he picked Jimmy “the Jim” Germaine and the bubble that was born at that moment in his mind.

The bubble was strong and mostly transparent as it separated from the head of Jimmy “the Jim” Germaine. A family of birds lived inside it: a mother, a father, and a single child. They were flying through the sky.

Under the watchful eye of King John the Cute, the bubble floated into the air, away from Jimmy “the Jim” Germaine, upwards and away.

Inside the bubble, the images changed. The family of birds had landed on a rock, near a nest. The mother bird and the father bird explained to their son that soon he will have a brother or sister. The child bird was not happy.

The bubble drifted further away, and now floated through the wall of the kindergarten to the outside. King John the Cute quickly exited the building and found the bubble floating in the air. Now the bubble, as well as the images inside it, were even fainter and more transparent.

By this time, the father and mother bird had already given birth to a tiny baby bird. The baby bird bit her older brother with a beak and screamed whenever he stood near her. Even though the father bird and the mother bird loved the baby very much and nearly forgot their first child, the child bird did his best to take care of his little baby sister. Then, one day (as it was seen quite quickly in the bubble), the father bird and the mother bird flew off with their new baby bird to migrate for the summer. They forgot the child bird behind, and never even noticed he was gone.

King John the Cute despaired at the sadness of the story. He followed the bubble as it slowly rose upwards with the win, growing dangerously more transparent. He could still see clearly that the lesson of the story was that parents must never forget their children.

Then, the lesson finished, the bubble burst and vanished into nothing. Nothing was left of the story that had been conceived by Jimmy “the Jim” Germaine. King John the Cute had witnessed the birth of a bubble, the birth of a world, the birth of a story. Yet these three, which are actually one and the same, died within two minutes and vanished without ever having been seen or witnessed by anyone else except King John the Cute.

King John the Cute stood in place, underneath the spot in which the bubble had burst, and wondered about the mysteries of the universe. He had seen a story born. But he still could not understand how a story in this world can create a living creature in the Land of All Legends. Stories in this world, after all, burst and die after a few minutes.

This has been the tale of the tale that would never become a fairy tale. The lesson of this story would be learned in the next story.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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