‘Tickling Butterflies’ – The Path to the Land of All Legends

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Path to the Land of All Legends

(Containing a trailblazing story in which King John the Cute glimpses the land he had left.)


After all these things previously mentioned in this book of legends, King John the Cute soared into the air upon his chariot of butterflies.

Now that his vision could clearly see bubbles and tunnels paved with the imagination of children, he saw that tunnels filled the sky. More than stars, more than pebbles on the shore, the tunnels were everywhere.

Swerving to avoid them, he peered into one. There was no darkness in this one. At the end of the tunnel, he could clearly see the two scarecrows he had met at the Happily Ever After Home for the Married.

“Hello there,” he yelled at them. But however much he yelled, the scarecrows did not hear him. And however much he tried, he could not hear the voices of the Happily Ever After Home for the Married.

He moved on to another tunnel, and, careful not to enter it, peered into it. Again, there was no darkness, but a clear view of his palace in CapitalCity. He could see Prince Charming the Fifth sit on the king’s throne. Next to him sat Sarah O’Connell, blindfolded and wearing a queen’s crown on the queen’s throne.

No matter what he tried, King John the Cute could not get them to hear him and could not hear what was being said.

King John the Cute was not disturbed by the image he had seen. He knew that many weeks have passed here on Earth since he had left the Land of All Legends, and he knew that time works differently on Earth, and that months must have passed back home. Many things could have happened. He trusted Sarah O’Connell and chose to believe that she only did what would be best for the Land of All Legends.

The next tunnel, however, was as black as the one through which the Original Monster had passed. But peer as he might, he could not see anyone on the other side. There was darkness and silence.

King John the Cute moved from one tunnel to the next, peering into them. He surveyed many places in the Land of All Legends, for each tunnel led to a different place, and most of the tunnels were white and led to the Land of All Legends. But for every four tunnels that led back home, one black tunnel led to darkness.

King John the Cute did not know why the black tunnels led to darkness, nor did he know where that darkness was. Further, he did not know why there were no creatures on the other side of the dark tunnels. Nor did he see the Original Monster again in one of the black tunnels.

Perhaps the creatures that had come through the black tunnels had found a way to escape? Perhaps they had died? At present, there was no way to know.

His mind wandered to the next mystery the black tunnels presented: why was he able to hear the Original Monster on the other side and be heard in turn, while he was not able to hear or be heard by the visions in the white tunnels that showed the Land of All Legends?

After an entire day of peering through tunnels, the king allowed the butterflies of his chariot to rest and sleep and collect food from flowers. He, too, rested and fed, thinking about how he had found the path back home, and how he could now choose the location of his arrival by peering through the tunnels and choosing the one that fits his design.

This has been the trailblazing story in which King John the Cute found the paths back home.


(To be continued on Sunday…)

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