Tickling Butterflies – The New Queen

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The New Queen

(Regaling a regal tale in which a new queen is crowned in the Land of All Legends.)


This is the story of Sarah O’Connell and how she learned what had happened to King John the Cute.

While Sarah O’Connell was in the Happily Ever After Home for the Married, the man she loved but had never seen was fatally stabbed by Prince Charming the Fifth in the village of Panache. If not for Shadowy Secret accidentally delaying Death, Death would have claimed King John the Cute. But Death was delayed, and the king was transported to another magical land with the aid of an evil witch.

While Sarah O’Connell was in the Happily Ever After Home for the Married, an order was given to Colonel Stone by the king: that in his absence and until his return, Sarah O’Connell was to be queen of the land.

When last we heard of him, Colonel Stone escaped the prince’s army.

This story begins when Colonel Stone entered the Happily Ever After Home for the Married, searching for Sarah O’Connell.

Colonel Stone approached an old man, sitting alone. “Old man,” said Colonel Stone. “On behalf of the king, I need your help.”

The old man snapped out of his reverie, and looked at Colonel Stone with excitement. “Eh?” Then, squinting his eyes, he saw Colonel Stone, and troubled returned to his face. “I’m sorry, I thought you were someone else. Oh, well. My name is Loyal Luke, and I am the king’s loyal servant. How may I help the king?”

“Old man, my name is Colonel Stone. I seek Sarah O’Connell. She is a blindfolded woman with a broken heart.”

“Ah, yes, I have met her and talked. She is blindfolded indeed, but her heart is no longer broken, it is completely mended.”

“Can you tell me where she has gone, Loyal Luke?”

“Let me see… Let me see… I am old and my memory is not as good as it was before… She had approached me right there, only yesterday. She had come seeking me, she had said. She had heard that I bear knowledge of hundreds of years into the past, and had come asking for a clue about the Afterdeath.

“I told her all that I knew. I told her the same tale I told the king. I told her about the perfect love Flawless Farah felt towards Perfect Paul, and I told him about how flawlessly Perfect Paul loved his perfect Flawless Farah. I told her how, a thousand and one years and a thousand and one days ago, Perfect Paul, in an attempt to be truly perfect, was killed and claimed by Death. I told her how Flawless Farah had beaten death using a curse from an evil witch, and how the two are reborn anew with each new generation, without the memories of their previous lives.

“So determined were they, during their incarnations, to be as perfect and as flawless as possible, that each time one of them dies in an attempt at flawless perfection. And when one of them dies, the other remembers all their previous lives. And the cycle begins anew. I told her all of this. I told her how I sit here and await for this generation’s Perfect Paul and Flawless Sarah to find me. I told her all that I had heard about the far past. But my information was of no use to Sarah O’Connell. She left me disappointed.

“I suggested to her that she question other creatures in the Happily Ever After Home for the Married. There are quite a few creatures here that have lived back during the time when death was not final.”

“So she may still be here?” Hope surged within Colonel Stone. The emotion was new to him, but now that he had regained his emotions, his mind was flooded with feelings.

“Indeed she may. But I do not recall seeing her since.”

“What’s all this, then?” a woman’s voice sounded behind Colonel Stone. “Who are you and why are you asking about me?”

Colonel Stone turned around and saw a beautiful, blindfolded woman with a mended heart.

“Sarah O’Connell, my name is Colonel Stone,” said Colonel Stone. “I served King Charming the Fourth and now I serve King John the Cute. I have grave news.”

“Don’t dawdle, then.”

“Sarah O’Connell,” Colonel Stone spoke, his voice quaking with emotion, “as foretold in prophecy, King John the Cute had been stabbed in the chest by Prince Charming the Fifth. The wound was a fatal one, and the king was to die within minutes.”

Sarah O’Connell’s legs suddenly felt as soft as rubber, and she fell to the ground. “The king… Dead!” she whispered. “I was certain he would have another year!”

“Sarah O’Connell, rise! You have not listened to the complete story. The king is not yet dead. He had been transported to another world, a world without magic, where time works differently and where his wound shall act slowly. He shall return within a year, and when he returns, he will die within seconds. Until then he has vowed to solve the mysteries of the land. And during his absence, and only for the length of his absence, he has named you queen. For when he truly dies, Prince Charming the Fifth shall become king.”

Sarah O’Connell rose slowly and regally from the ground. “I see… I see and understand, Colonel Stone. But I understand more than you think. You see, when I believed John the No Longer Cute to be truly dead, the curse of an evil witch lifted a veil from my eyes and I now know who I truly am and who John the No Longer Cute truly is. My true name is Farah the Flawless, and John the No Longer Cute’s name is Perfect Paul! And although we have both died many times before, Death has never truly claimed us.”

She turned to face Loyal Luke. “Loyal Luke, it is I, Flawless Farah. I have returned to you. As you have heard, I am now queen of the land. Join me, for while John the No Longer Cute saves the Land of All Legends, I intend to save him and myself from the curse of the evil witch. We have been granted a year. We must use it well.”

And thus Queen Sarah O’Connell, her loyal servant Loyal Luke, and the faithful soldier Colonel Stone headed for the palace, where Prince Charming the Fifth and his army waited.

This has been the story of Sarah O’Connell and how she learned who King John the Cute really was.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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