Tickling Butterflies – The Perfect Warrior

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Perfect Warrior

(Containing the retelling of a perfect tale about the imperfections of flawlessness.)


This is a story of Perfect Paul and Flawless Farah.

At the time of the telling of this story, Perfect Paul had died four times, and yet had never been successfully claimed by Death. Cursed by being born and reborn without memory of the past, but with the same personality, he was called Wesley the Wonderful and did not know that his real name was Perfect Paul.

Wesley the Wonderful was the best warrior in the land. He was brave and honorable and smart and knew how to listen to all but himself. Once, for a brief minute, he had seen from afar a woman called Feodora the Faultless, and had fallen in love with her. He did not know who she was and he did not know where to find her, but he knew that find her he will.

Ever since Wesley the Wonderful had seen Feodora the Faultless, a voice began to nag his mind: He must prove how wonderful he was so that his love will find him truly worthy.

And so Wesley the Wonderful embarked on a quest to become the best warrior in the land.

At the time of the telling of this story, the Land of All Legends was plagued by hordes of vicious giant killer spiders. Wesley the Wonderful learned the dangerous art of slaying the vicious giant killer spiders and was considered the best warrior in the land.

Once, he had been trapped in a lair of spiders and succeeded in slaying five vicious giant spiders in a single battle. Drunk with the feeling of power, he wanted to prove that he could do what no one else could. He entered a bigger lair of vicious giant spiders and fought ten at once, slaying them all.

The country hailed him as a great warrior, and so Feodora the Faultless heard of him and came to see the warrior in action. She saw him battle twenty vicious giant spiders and slay them all. In the process, she fell in love with him and came to say hello.

Wesley the Wonderful confessed his love to her, and Feodora the Faultless professed her love to him. But when she did so, Wesley the Wonderful refused to believe her love was true, for he felt he could be more worthy of her love. He told her that they would be together if he succeeded in slaying fifty vicious giant spiders in a single battle.

She feared for his life, but his mind was adamant. She agreed to his terms.

And so, Wesley the Wonderful organized a giant battle with fifty giant spiders. It was a harrowing experience and in it, he was almost slain five times. But in the end, he came out victorious. Feodora the Faultless loved her warrior and asked him to propose marriage to her.

But the voice in his head continued to nag. If he could slay fifty giant spiders, surely someone else could slay fifty one! And then how worthy would he be in the eyes of his love? Looking at himself through his own eyes, he would be worth nothing.

Wesley the Wonderful decided that to marry his love and live happily ever after with her he would have to set a record that no other creature in the Land of All Legends could ever break: he would defeat a hundred vicious giant spiders in a single battle!

Feodora the Faultless would not have it. She feared for her love, and claimed that she already loved him and no other warrior had a place in her heart, no matter his achievements.

Wesley the Wonderful would not listen, for he was neither perfect nor flawless in his own eyes. The two came to a compromise: On the morning of the wedding, Wesley the Wonderful would fight a hundred vicious giant spiders, and once he was done, the two would immediately be married and live happily ever after.

So it was agreed.

As in all of Wesley the Wonderful’s battles, Death came to watch and claim the souls of the dead.

Wesley the Wonderful slew fifty vicious giant spiders within an hour, and yet they continued their onslaught. Growing more and more tired, he bested ten more vicious giant spiders, then ten more, then ten more. His arms exhausted and his muscles burning, he slew ten more vicious giant spiders, then another, then another, then another. Panting and ranting, he slew another vicious giant spider, then another, then another. Hardly able to stand on his feet, he bested another giant spider, then another.

Then, his mind a blur, unable to distinguish vision from reality, he slew another giant spider. Then, he paused. And when he paused, the last vicious giant spider standing slew Wesley the Wonderful.

In this battle Death claimed ninety nine spiders. And when Wesley the Wonderful was killed by the last spider in front of his loved one, Death claimed his soul. With the souls resting within his killing arm, Death headed towards Death’s Door, so that he may deliver the souls to the Afterdeath.

But before Death reached Death’s Door, the curse that plagued Perfect Paul and Flawless Farah caught up with him and stole Perfect Paul’s soul from Death’s arms, delivering it into a newborn baby thousands of miles away.

This story took place nine hundred and nine years before John the Cute and Sarah O’Connell were born.

This has been the story of how an endless pursuit of perfection leads one to be slain by a vicious giant spider. This has also been the story that explains the inexplicable dreams of King John the Cute and Sarah O’Connell.


(To be continued on Thursday…)

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