Tickling Butterflies – Death and the Queen

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


Death and the Queen

(Containing the delicate negotiations for the future of the Land of All Legends.)


Once upon a time, in the Land of All Legends, Queen Sarah O’Connell decreed that Death come to the palace.

Death entered the palace and stood before the thrones, where Queen Sarah O’Connell and Prince Charming the Fifth sat.

“You have summoned me, my… queen,” said Death.

“I require your services, Death,” answered Queen Sarah O’Connell.

“I am Death,” said Death. “I serve no one but the list.”

“You misunderstand my intentions,” said the queen. “I do not want you to help us, I want us to help you. You have tried and failed many times to take the soul of the one known today as King John the Cute and to deliver it unto the Afterdeath. You have tried and failed as many times to take my own soul and to deliver it unto the Afterdeath. This time, when the king returns to the land, you must kill him. And it must be permanent, for the cycle of the curse must be broken. And when the king returns, you must kill me, as well. And it must be permanent, for I must not return. The cycle must end. The curse must be stopped.”

Death looked at the blindfolded queen and recalled with anguish and anger that he had let her go because he could not kill her. Now, her death was what she desired of him.

“I do not serve you and I do not work with others, for I am Death,” answered Death. “When the king reappears, I shall touch him and claim his soul. When your name appears on my list, I shall touch you and claim your soul. Thus it has always been.”

“And our souls will escape,” the queen answered coolly, her gaze seemed to be peering at Death through the blindfold. “Thus it has always been, after all. I shall put the matter to you another way,” she continued. “I have heard you tell the prophecy of Death, that a certain man would one day transform you from Death to Life. And yet you claim that the one who was to turn you from Death to Life has died, and the prophecy had not come true.  It has been my experience that the prophecies of the Foreseeing Propheseers are always true. This can only mean one thing: that the man who died did not enter the Afterdeath, that the man was reborn later and that he is not truly dead.

“There is only one such man, Death, and one such woman. They are King John the Cute and Queen Sarah O’Connell. Am I correct in my deduction, Death?”

Death made a face but did not answer.

“Then I shall put it to you,” continued the queen, “that if you make sure that we both truly die this time, then the prophecy shall become true within less than a year. If you do not allow us to help you, then we shall be reborn a thousand more times, and Death shall become Life thousands of years in the future.”

Death’s eyes opened wide in wild surprise, as hope entered his mind that his days of becoming Life are within grasp, after all.

“I shall do it! I shall agree to your deal!” answered Death. “What do you require of me?”

“We have two armies at our disposal, Death: the king’s army and the prince’s army. You must teach them to fight and delay the curse that snatches away our souls.”

“I shall do your bidding,” Death bowed before the queen, and he was filled with respect towards the blindfolded woman whose heart he had once broken.

This has been the story of the delicate negotiations in which Queen Sarah O’Connell and Death became allies in the quest to permanently kill King John the Cute.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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