Tickling Butterflies – The Upside Down Airplane

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Upside-Down Airplane

(Containing a topsy-turvy tale of a topsy-turvy trip in a topsy-turvy world.)


This is the story of King John the Cute’s voyage across the ocean on the magical planet Earth.

Once upon a time, towards the end of his quest to save the Land of All Legends, King John the Cute found himself standing on the shore of the ocean. The stain of blood on his clothes was growing slowly while the pain in his chest was growing quickly. And his clothes and crown would still not come off.

The king stood on the beach and stared at the ocean, for the man he sought, Doctor Dave Daniels, was now on a small mound in a big desert in a big continent called Africa on the side of the big ocean.

During the events detailed in the last three stories in this book of legends, Doctor Dave Daniels boarded a flying machine called an airplane. The airplane transported the doctor to the faraway mound in the faraway desert in the faraway continent and now King John the Cute needed to find a way across the ocean.

His chariot of butterflies could not carry him across the ocean, for butterflies cannot fly so long and so far.

“I understand,” the king told his chariot. “I will find another way.”

King John the Cute turned to the Earth’s Winds and asked for help. But the Winds could not carry him, for they have found employment working for mankind. The Winds were too busy carrying mankind’s heavy airplanes back and forth across the sky. The Winds regretted the fact that they could not carry the king and his chariot across the ocean.

“I understand,” said the king. “I will find another way.”

King John the Cute turned to Earth’s Waters and asked for help. The Waters rippled before him and said this: “For ages we have rippled back and forth, looking at the advance of man. For the last hundred years or so, we have seen man advance to the skies. From our vantage point, we have studied the airplanes of man carefully, as they flew above us. We have seen their shapes and the way the Winds swirl around their wings. We have studied their flights. We have studied their patterns. We believe that now we can create a duplicate such an airplane that will carry you and your chariot to the land you seek.”

King John the Cute thanked the Waters. The Waters rippled and shook, waved and condensed, until the solid shape of an airplane appeared underwater. The airplane was made completely out of water. Its bottom was aimed upwards, at the surface of the Waters, just as the bottom of airplanes in the sky are aimed downwards, at the surface of the Waters.

The king and his chariot entered the plane as it rose to the surface. The water airplane closed around them, containing air to breathe, just as airplanes in the sky contain air to breathe for the people they carry.

The airplane descended into the depths of the ocean, flying upside down, a reflection of an air-flying airplane. King John the Cute and his chariot of butterflies sat in the airplane upside down, and watched the water swirl around the upside-down wings. They watched the colorful wonders of the sea as they sped by them. They watched sea creatures that man had never seen and colors that man had never known. The wonders of the sea were great, and King John the Cute stared outside the upside-down water-made window, and enjoyed the sights, just as air-flying airplane passengers enjoy the sight of clouds.

The upside-down airplane flew underwater for ten hours before it began to ascend, just as air-flying airplanes descend. The upside-down water-flying airplane reached the shore of a desert, not too far from the mound sought by the king. The upside-down water-flying airplane landed by reaching the surface of the water and the air, near a beach.

King John the Cute stepped out of the airplane, into the air, and unto the beach, a chariot of butterflies surrounding him.

“Thank you for your kind service, Waters of the Earth.”

“It is our pleasure to help the one who will bring magic back to the planet Earth,” said the Waters. “If ever you desire our help again, call us.”

And the Waters slipped away and dissipated, turning into frothy waves upon the shore.

This has been the story of King John the Cute’s topsy-turvy tale of a topsy-turvy trip in a topsy-turvy world.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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