Tickling Butterflies – The Fairy Tale Test

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:

The Fairy Tale Test

(Containing a fateful meeting on a mound.)

Doctor Dave Daniels stood atop a small mound in the middle of the desert when he saw a tall man with a golden crown being carried by a cloud of butterflies.

The cloud of butterflies brought down the man in front of the doctor. The butterflies came to rest on the yellow sands surrounding the two.

“My name is Doctor Dave Daniels,” said Doctor Dave Daniels.

“I am King John the Cute,” said King John the Cute. “I come from the Land of All Legends.”

Doctor Dave Daniels took a step back, ran his hand through his hair, and then said, “I believe you. It is an honor to meet another fairy tale.”

King John the Cute looked at Doctor Dave Daniels strangely. His hair was white, his beard was white, and his face was almost as wrinkled as the King John the Cute’s. According to the story told by the Original Monster to Otto the Outstanding and then to King John the Cute and his party, the Original Monster had met Doctor Dave Daniels when the doctor was quite young. Now he was quite old. More than six hundred years have passed in the Land of All Legends since the Original Monster met Doctor Dave Daniels. But surely no more than fifty years have passed in this world.

“Excuse me for asking,” said King John the Cute. “But how is it that you believe me that I am a fairy tale? Can you tell the difference between me and an Earth human?”

“I admit that I cannot,” answered Dave Daniels. “But you have passed my fairy tale test, and so I believe you.”

“A fairy tale test? What is that?”

Doctor Dave Daniels smiled. “To answer your questions, I will have to tell you the story of the book, ‘Return of the Original Monster’. I enjoy meeting fairy tales, and so I will enjoy telling you this story.”

“I am listening, Doctor Dave Daniels.”

“As you must know, I have been in contact with the one you call the Original Monster. He has told me many true tales that I could not put in my research, for I have no facts to support them, only the words… of a fairy tale. I had put his words in a book called ‘The Return of the Original Monster’.

“I had exactly three intentions in writing the book.

“My first intention was to share with the world the stories told to me by the Original Monster. I have loved stories from the time I was the smallest of small children. I have always thought stories were magic… Stories transported me to other places… Stories influenced my life… This is why I went into my academic field, to research the nature of stories, and to learn about the first stories that ever existed. Writing the book was a way to share this joy with other people.

“My second intention in writing the book, King John the Cute, was to help the Original Monster. The Original Monster wanted to possess the power of Life in an effort to revive his land. But he did not have that power. We had already learned that if a story is read enough times by enough people, it becomes true in the Land of All Legends. And so I inserted into my book a new tale. In it, the wizard, Triple Dee, gives the Original Monster the power of Life. In the story, wherever the Original Monster walks, life is renewed: flowers grow in his wake, animals are formed in his footsteps, and magical fairies and baby dragons are created where his shadow rests.

“Triple Dee represents me. I have three D’s in my name: Dave Darren Daniels. By writing the book and selling it, I have given the Original Monster the power of Life. Usually, when a new tale is told enough times, it simply comes true and shimmers to life in the Border of Nothing in the Land of All Legends. This is what the Original Monster has told me. But because the Original Monster already existed, a sort of tunnel appeared in the sky and sucked him up, back to his own land. That is the last I have seen of him. I did not see the tunnel, but that is what he told me before he was thrown into the air and disappeared from my sight.

“Hopefully, his powers have restored his land by now.

“My third intention in writing the book was a secret one. You see, in writing ‘The Return of the Original Monster’, I have inserted a test into the book, a test that tells ordinary human beings from fairy tales.

“Ever since the book came out and became popular, people have been approaching me, claiming to be fairy tales from the fairy tale kingdom. But all of them have failed the test; all of them were human.

“The test was simple, you see. In the book, I call the land the Land of Fairy Tales. Only those who come from it or have been there know its true name. You, King John the Cute, passed the test with your first words to me. I believe that you are, indeed, a fairy tale and a king at that. I am honored to meet you. Now tell me why you have come to see me and how I can help you.”

“Doctor Dave Daniels,” said King John the Cute. “Your attempt to save the Land of All Legends with the help of the Original Monster has failed. The Original Monster has been transported to the Afterdeath rather than to the land of the living. He is stuck there and cannot save the land. However, you are still my last hope. Together, we must save the Land of All Legends or it will die.”

This has been the tale of how King John the Cute passed Doctor Dave Daniels’ fairy tale test.

(To be continued on Thursday…)

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