Tickling Butterflies – The Excavation

Tickling Butterflies is an epic fantasy, containing 128 fairy tales that together create one huge story.

Here’s the story so farThe story continues:


The Excavation

(Containing a sweeping tale in which an ancient truth is unearthed.)


“Once I had a theory I believed to be true,” continued Doctor Dave Daniels, while King John the Cute listened intently, “I took out my maps and tried to deduce where these stories could have been told, so that I may find evidence of the stories.”

“What did you find out?”

“There were many clues to sift from. We knew more or less where the humans were at the time, and where they had gone a few years later, spreading around the world. We knew what the land looked like back then. And I knew that the stories I was seeking did not find their way to the lore of our societies today. That was the most important clue, you see, for it means that once the stories have been told… something happened to the people who had told it. Perhaps they died for some reason, and the fairy tales that had been told enough times to become fairy tales… did not continue to be told further.”

“Fascinating,” said King John the Cute. “Please continue.”

“That made deducing the location of the other first stories and the other first story of creation easier. Because there is scientific evidence that one tribe, quite a big tribe, lived right underneath the spot where we are standing. And the evidence shows that a sandstorm of forty days and forty nights covered the entire desert, including all the people in it.

“When the storm was over, caves were buried underneath new mountains of desert sand. The river from which they drank and the plants that grew near the river were all buried, as well.

“The big tribe of early humans were buried underneath mountains of sand. Surely, they did not survive that. And neither did their stories.

“This is why I have come here, to discover their caves, to discover where they lived, and perhaps even to discover evidence of their stories. Unfortunately, I did not think this through, for I am one man and not an archaeologist. Their caves lie two to three hundred yards underneath our feet. To get there, I must remove all this sand. Even a team of expert excavators cannot remove all this sand, unless they work for a few years.”

“But I can do it,” said King John the Cute. “And quite quickly.”

Doctor Dave Daniels looked at the king in surprise. The king said, “Please move aside, for I shall summon the Winds.”

Doctor Dave Daniels moved aside, and watched the king call for the Winds, “Winds! I require your services! Please appear before me!”

A whirlwind appeared in front of the two, gathering sand and rising to give the sand the appearance of a man standing in front of King John the Cute.

“Hello again, King John the Cute. We are happy to see that you have made it across the ocean without our aid.”

“Indeed I did. Thank you for your concern. Dear Winds, I require your assistance in a small matter that will not take you away from lifting airplanes and creating hurricanes.”

“We are at your service, then, king. We will gladly help to restore the humans’ knowledge of magic on our planet.”

Doctor Dave Daniels looked at the two figures, followed the exchange, but did not speak.

The king continued, “We are standing now on a mound of sand. Two or three hundred yards underneath us are caves which we must uncover in order to complete my quest. Can you please clear away all the sand that had gathered here over the years.”

“Of course, my king. It is a simple task, even for a small whirlwind.”

The king thanked the Winds. He then ordered his chariot of butterflies to lift himself and Doctor Dave Daniels above the mound.

From their vantage point in the air, the two watched as a silent whirlwind cleared away the sand from the entire mound and all mounds surrounding. The sand flew aside systematically, leveling more and more of the mounds and the hills that surrounded the area. Within minutes, the mounds and hills were no more, and now the Winds began to clear the level sand.

More and more desert sand was carried away and swept aside to create new mounds and new hills near the horizon. The Winds worked hard and the whirlwinds swept and swept and swept the sand away until a hard land was discovered. Now, the Winds worked even harder to sweep all the desert sand that covered the hard land.

Soon, the hard land turned out to be a top of a hill. The hill, made out of rocks rather than desert sand, spread in both directions. And in that hill, the Winds soon discovered, was a cave. Soon, another cave was discovered next to the first cave, then another, then another.

“It is a network of caves!” whispered Doctor Dave Daniels in awe, as he was floating in the air above the cave, held by thousands of butterflies.

The Winds worked harder still, cleaning the surrounding area, and whisking away all the sand in the caves.

Soon, after sixty six minutes and sixty six seconds, the entire area had been swept clear of desert sand. The wind appeared once more in front of King John the Cute, creating a semblance of a person made out of sand.

“The deed is done,” said the Winds.

“Thank you for your great help,” said King John the Cute. “You have helped me in my quest, and for that I, and all beings in the Land of All Legends, will be eternally thankful.”

The semblance of a man bowed before the king. “It has been our pleasure. And now a plane in Sudan requires our assistance.” And with that, the remaining sand dissipated and the Winds blew elsewhere.

The chariot of butterflies brought down the king and the doctor to stand outside the caves.

“I believe we should go in,” said King John the Cute.

“Indeed, King John the Cute. The truth awaits us.”

This has been the sweeping tale in which an ancient truth had been unearthed. Now read on to discover what happened in the caves.


(To be continued on Tuesday…)

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