Tickling Butterflies – The Story of True Beauty

And now the conclusion to the epic fairy tale Tickling Butterflies.


The Story of True Beauty

(Containing a blindingly radiant story about the removal of a blindfold.)


With the Land of All Legends saved and the Lost Land of Legends reborn, King John the Cute and the blindfolded queen with the heart bursting with love came to sit upon a green mound on a small hill in the Lost Land of Legends.

“It is time to finally remove the blindfold,” said Queen Sarah O’Connell. “I am ready to see the face of the man I have fallen in love with. In previous lives I have fallen in love with all your faces. Now it is time to see your true face, the face you will have for eternity.”

Queen Sarah O’Connell reached for her blindfold, but King John the Cute stopped her. “Wait, Queen Sarah O’Connell. Before you remove your blindfold, I must tell you the story of who I am and… of all that I have lost.”

“I am listening.”

“I was born John the Cute,” began King John the Cute. “And I was cute beyond measure. I was cuter than bunnies. I was even cuter than kittens. But I was born with a prophecy that my mother and I saw as a curse. We knew that at the age of eighteen I would become king and save the land, but at the age of twenty I would die. That knowledge has weighed heavily upon me all my life, ever since childhood. And so, despite my cuteness, thousands of worries and concerns circled in my mind.

“At the age of eighteen, when I finally left home for the palace, where the king would die and crown me king instead of his son, I encountered many creatures and had many adventures. One of those beings was the troll I had told you about. That troll forced me to choose between my cuteness and my freedom. I chose freedom, for my cuteness did not concern me. As the Also Trues have deemed: beauty tells the truth about he who sees it and not he who wears it.

“All at once, my face was full of frown lines and wrinkles, of worries and expressions that previously had place only within me. Ever since, with every adventure I have had and with every obstacle I have encountered, new wrinkles were added to the dreadfulness of my face. And I have had many adventures and many obstacles during my reign as king of the Land of All Legends.”

“Why are you telling me this?” enquired Queen Sarah O’Connell.

“Because you have fallen in love hearing my voice and knowing my deeds, but my looks may be too horrible for you, horrible enough to fall out of love with me. And that would break my own heart.”

“Still. It must be done,” said Queen Sarah O’Connell. “Do you agree?”

“I agree.”

Queen Sarah O’Connell smiled at her love’s bravery. Slowly, she removed her blindfold and then, aiming her face at her love, and opened her eyes.

“Oh my!” she gasped.

“What is it?” King John the Cute said with fear. “What do you see?”

“I can see everything about you in your face. I can see your bravery. I can see the hardships you have overcome. I can see your steel resolve. I can see the goodness of your heart. I can see the warm love you feel for me. I can see your caring. I can see the pain you have suffered. I can see the loneliness you have felt because of the prophecy. I can see all the adventures you have had in the Land of All Legends and in the land of the storytellers. And I can see your love for me. All these things are beautiful. And all these things I see when I look at your face. But one thing is true. You are no longer cute, John. You are beautiful. And your beauty shines from your face. From this point on you shall be John the Beautiful. When we shall marry I shall be queen of the land. And my first act will be to deem that your name henceforth shall be King John the Beautiful.”

King John the Beautiful wept.

And for the second time Sarah O’Connell fell in love with Death. But this time, it was the right Death, for this time she saw plainly.

This has been the story explaining the reason that Queen Sarah O’Connell, upon each time she died, returned time and time again to the Lost Land of Legends and to her immortal love, and would never see the Land of All Legends again. This has also been the tale about the Lost Land of Legends’ only case of Truly True Love.

This has been the book of legends that told the tales of many creatures, and how together they saved two worlds, and how knowledge of magic was finally restored to the planet Earth. This has also been the book of legends that taught the people of Earth that everything is magic.





The entire book is online. Read it here.

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One Response to “Tickling Butterflies – The Story of True Beauty”

  1. madssukalikar Says:

    It’s funny that I somehow reached here at the conclusion of your story. But the name “John the Cute” is so awesome, that I’m going to read your story from the beginning 🙂

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