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New Book, ‘Generation E’, to Be Published By Infinity Plus in December

November 7, 2012

Announcing a new book deal. Infinity Plus will publish my short story anthology, Generation E, featuring many stories about our new electronic generation and how far things could go.


Keith Brooke, Infinity Plus’ publisher, was one of the first editors to publish my stories in English, about ten years ago, putting them next to some of the greatest names in SF, past and present.


More information about the book soon.

Apexology Science Fiction and Fantasy Published

August 22, 2011

Apexology Science Fiction & Fantasy is a collection of short stories by authors who are currently being published by the Apex Book Company and includes a reprint of my short story, The Imagination Hospital. It’s about a small kid with a rich imagination and his close-minded teachers.

Apexology Science Fiction and Fantasy

Another Positive Review for ‘Secret Thoughts’

August 14, 2011

The website Scribbler to Scribe has a review of Secret Thoughts.

From the review:

SECRET THOUGHTS is beautifully crafted with a straight-forward writing style and well-honed plot. Each story exposes a darkness (and beauty) to humanity. The  pacing is slower at points than I would like, and some introspection could have  been cut. But I urge readers to stay the course! SECRET THOUGHTS will entertain  and enlighten you.

Secret Thoughts is available in various formats here.

A Two-Book Deal Signed in Israel

July 29, 2011

Two of my books are slated to be translated into Hebrew and appear in Israel. The first is Secret Thoughts, which is already out in the US by Apex Books. Buy it here. The second is the fantasy novel for young adults, Tickling Butterflies. Secret Thoughts will be out at the end of this year. Tickling Butterflies will be out at the end of next year.

Secret Thoughts

Guest Post: How Do Telepaths Have Sex?

March 10, 2011

SF Signal was kind enough to allow me to guest-post. In it, I talk about the impossible relationships of the characters in Secret Thoughts. Here is the guest post: How Do Telepaths Have Sex?

New Book – ‘Secret Thoughts’

February 20, 2011

My new book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, is now ready for pre-order by Apex Books.

Secret Thoughts

Secret Thoughts, by Guy Hasson

From the website:


Secret Thoughts is a startling examination of sexuality, motherhood, and society told in three novellas by Geffen Award-winning author Guy Hasson.

In “The Perfect Girl”, Alexandra Watson is a newcomer to Indianapolis Academy of Psionic Studies. By touch alone, she can delve into your memories, desires, insecurities… everything that makes a person. When she bonds with Professor Parks, her world grows complicated. Soon, she’s reading the residual memories of a recently dead and tracking down the mystery of her demise.

“The Linguist” continues the story of psionic-enabled women, except now the author has moved us several years in the future. The US government has determined that people like Rachel Akerman are a threat to the nation and orders countrywide extermination of those with psionic powers. When a G-man uncovers Rachel and offers her a chance to help her country in exchange for her life, what choice is she left with? Rachel finds herself attempting to communicate with a frightened and imprisoned alien life form for the military.

Finally, in “Most Beautiful Intimacy”, Guy Hasson posits “What if a woman were psychically attached to an embryo growing within her uterus?” Set years after the previous novella, Susan DiOrio and her husband hide in a remote region of Montana. Cut off from the world, all they have is each other, and that is threatened when Susan becomes pregnant. A psionic has never successfully given birth to a child. Poignant and urgent, Hasson effectively explores the fear and wide-eyed amazement associated with having a baby.

These three novellas will open your eyes, raise uncomfortable questions, and make you fall in love with the protagonists three times over.

The Book ‘Secret Thoughts’ to be Published in February

November 24, 2010

My next book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, is due out in Jan. 25, as just announced by the publisher, the Apex Book Company in the U.S.

Apex has already published two stories of mine in two of its anthologies, The Apex Book of World SF and Apexology Horror. This will be my first book with Apex.

Newcomers: You can find many of my stories online.
Apex Book of World SF

Apex Book of World SF

Apexology Horror

Apexology Horror

‘Generation E’ Now in ‘Once Upon a Future 2010’

September 26, 2010

The short story, ‘Generation E: the Emoticon Generation’, is now available in Hebrew in the anthology Once Upon a Future 2010.

‘Generation E’ has been previously published in English by Midnight East. Read ‘Generation E‘ here.

Once Upon a Future 2010

Once Upon a Future 2010

A New Book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, Will Be Published in 2011

May 23, 2010

My new book ‘Secret Thoughts’ will be published by the Apex Book Company in mid-2011. From the Apex blog:

I’m pleased to announce that we have bought SECRET THOUGHTS by Israeli author Guy Hasson. SECRET THOUGHTS is a trio of inter-connected novellas concerning a group of people who have the power to read minds. Each novella extrapolates what it might be like to read the minds of the dead, of an alien, and of an unborn child.

Due to a massive backlog, publication of Guy’s book will not be until mid-2011. We’ve had this on the submission shelf for a while and am happy that Guy was still interested in giving it a go months later.

The observant among you will remember that Guy has a story in The Apex Book of World SF.

Guy Hasson (Hebrew: גיא חסון‎) is an Israeli playwright, film maker and science fiction writer. While he writes plays and scripts mainly in Hebrew, his fiction is almost exclusively written in English. He is a two-time winner of the Israeli Geffen Award: he won it in 2003 for his story “All-of-Me” and in 2005 for his story “The Perfect Girl”. Since 2006 he has focused on production of original films, including the feature-length Heart of Stone. (from Wikipedia)

‘Life: the Game’ in paperback

March 22, 2010
Life: the Game

Life: the Game

‘Life: the Game’ was published in paperback in Israel, translated into Hebrew, by Bitan Publishers. Adventure for young adults.

Joel Strickland is an awkward and shy fifteen-year-old. He has only one friend, girls don’t notice him, and bullies won’t stop harassing him. School is a battle-ground, and to escape it he invents a different battle-ground: He’s Captain Joel Strickland, fearless leader of the Resistance, whose job it is to rid Earth of the evil and alien Initiators!
One day, Joel accidentally unearths a strange artifact and accidentally pushes a button…
The artifact is the only thing that remains of an alien ship that had crashed on Earth three thousand years ago. It turns out to be a game for adolescent (alien) kids. But unlike our games, it doesn’t take place in a computer or on a screen, it takes place in reality.
The game transforms the entire city and everyone in it into participants in the game. And in the game it makes Joel’s imaginary world real. The sky is filled with hoverships, and the entire town is overtaken with the evil and ruthless aliens. Now Joel is supposed to be the fearless Captain who will lead the meager Resistance to victory. But Joel is hardly Captain material, and is ill-equipped to win the war.
But the game plays for keeps: the weapons are real, the dangers are real, people can really die, and the bad guys are as bad as bad can be. There is no way to exit the game except to win or to lose. And, as the game explains: To win, you have to defeat the Initiators; to lose, you die…