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You Can Become Part of a Fairy Tale!

May 23, 2013

Announcing the Tickling Butterflies Easter Egg Hunt! Three of you can win the prize of having a fairy tale written about you and your life!


What Is Tickling Butterflies?

Tickling Butterflies is a fantasy novel created out of 128 fairy tales that together create one epic fairy tale. It is currently being serialized online for free at this website, with a new fairy tale every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


What Are the Easter Eggs?

An Easter Egg is an element that cannot possibly exist in a fairy tale. I’ve hidden 3 of those somewhere in the 128 fairy tales.

So far at least one such element (perhaps more?) has already appeared.

Check out the entire list of fairy tales here.


The Prizes

Three of you will get to have a fairy tale written about you!

Once your name has been drawn as the winner, you’ll get an email from me. I’ll ask you for a few details about your life, then write a fairy tale about you, a fairy tale that exists in the Tickling  Butterflies universe.

The fairy tales will be published in this website.


How to Win

One Way to Win: Search the fairy tales for an Easter Egg. Think you found one? Send an email to and tell me what it is.

For each Easter Egg you find, you get a ticket. If you find two or all three, you get the corresponding number of tickets. If your guess is wrong but a really good try, you still get a ticket.

When you send your email, I’ll tweet about you and add a link to your page.

The Second Way to Win: Spread the word. If you spread news of the Tickling Butterflies Easter Egg Hunt in your blog/Facebook/Twitter/Etc. – send a link or a screen capture to and you’ll get a ticket as well as a tweet with a mention of your name and a link to your page.

You’ll get a ticket for every single place where you spread the word. If you spread the word in many places and find Easter Eggs, you can get a lot of tickets, increasing your chances of getting a fairy tale written about you.


The Tickets

A week after the last fairy tale in Tickling Butterflies is published, I will put all eligible tickets in a hat and choose three names randomly.

The more tickets you have, the better your chances to have a fairy tale written about you.


Let the Tickling Butterflies Easter Egg hunt begin!


‘Hatchling’ Wins Best Translated Story in Russia

March 27, 2013

The novella, Hatchling, won Best Translated Story (or Best Foreign Story) in the Russian SF competition ‘Today Is Tomorrow’ about the Singularity. All winning stories and runners-up will appear (in Russian) in a special anthology that will be published later this month.

Hatchling is my most-translated story, and if you want to read it in the original English, you’ll find it among other great stories in my recently-published anthology, The Emoticon Generation.

The Emoticon Generation by Guy Hasson

The Emoticon Generation