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New Interview at SFF Chat

March 24, 2011

A new interview with me has just been published by SFF Chat. Enjoy.


First Review of ‘Secret Thoughts’ at the Little Red Reviewer

March 17, 2011

The Little Red Reviewer is first on the scene with a glowing review of Secret Thoughts.

“All three stories are incredibly unique and even a day or two after reading I’m still surprised at the deep levels of intimacy, and not just physical intimacy. But when dealing with deep, pure emotions, what else should I have expected?”

Guest Post: How to Be Truly Original

March 17, 2011

A guest post at the Mad Hatter’s Book Review asks and answers: How to be truly original? How to come up with original ideas? How to make sure that what you do doesn’t look like anything that’s been done.

Guest Post: The Perils of an Overactive Imagination

March 12, 2011

This guest post appears in Apex Books’ blog. In it I speak about the true-life perils of an overactive imagination.


Guest Post: How Do Telepaths Have Sex?

March 10, 2011

SF Signal was kind enough to allow me to guest-post. In it, I talk about the impossible relationships of the characters in Secret Thoughts. Here is the guest post: How Do Telepaths Have Sex?

New Book – ‘Secret Thoughts’

February 20, 2011

My new book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, is now ready for pre-order by Apex Books.

Secret Thoughts

Secret Thoughts, by Guy Hasson

From the website:


Secret Thoughts is a startling examination of sexuality, motherhood, and society told in three novellas by Geffen Award-winning author Guy Hasson.

In “The Perfect Girl”, Alexandra Watson is a newcomer to Indianapolis Academy of Psionic Studies. By touch alone, she can delve into your memories, desires, insecurities… everything that makes a person. When she bonds with Professor Parks, her world grows complicated. Soon, she’s reading the residual memories of a recently dead and tracking down the mystery of her demise.

“The Linguist” continues the story of psionic-enabled women, except now the author has moved us several years in the future. The US government has determined that people like Rachel Akerman are a threat to the nation and orders countrywide extermination of those with psionic powers. When a G-man uncovers Rachel and offers her a chance to help her country in exchange for her life, what choice is she left with? Rachel finds herself attempting to communicate with a frightened and imprisoned alien life form for the military.

Finally, in “Most Beautiful Intimacy”, Guy Hasson posits “What if a woman were psychically attached to an embryo growing within her uterus?” Set years after the previous novella, Susan DiOrio and her husband hide in a remote region of Montana. Cut off from the world, all they have is each other, and that is threatened when Susan becomes pregnant. A psionic has never successfully given birth to a child. Poignant and urgent, Hasson effectively explores the fear and wide-eyed amazement associated with having a baby.

These three novellas will open your eyes, raise uncomfortable questions, and make you fall in love with the protagonists three times over.

The Book ‘Secret Thoughts’ to be Published in February

November 24, 2010

My next book, ‘Secret Thoughts’, is due out in Jan. 25, as just announced by the publisher, the Apex Book Company in the U.S.

Apex has already published two stories of mine in two of its anthologies, The Apex Book of World SF and Apexology Horror. This will be my first book with Apex.

Newcomers: You can find many of my stories online.
Apex Book of World SF

Apex Book of World SF

Apexology Horror

Apexology Horror