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‘Secret Thoughts’ Cover Revealed

August 30, 2012

The Hebrew translation of my book, Secret Thoughts, is due out in a few weeks in paperback by Yaniv Publishing. Secret Thoughts was published last year by The Apex Book Company. Here’s a link to Apex’s Secret Thoughts page.


In the meantime, here’s the cool cover:

Secret Thoughts, now in Hebrew

The Indestructibles Film Journal #6: 3 Funniest Rehearsal Moments

August 30, 2012

This time, in The Indestructibles film journal, I took a break from the serious job of rehearsing with actors how to save the world from dangerous superheroes and reflected back on the three most ridiculous rehearsal moments.
Here are the top contenders.

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The Indestructibles Film Journal #5: The Rehearsals

August 30, 2012

The fifth entry for The Indestructibles film journal has been published over at the Apex Book Company blog. Here’s a little taste:

Most of Hollywood wouldn’t like the way I rehearse.

In fact, they wouldn’t like the fact that I rehearse, and certainly not for months. Not only do they not have time for it, but there is a sense in Hollywood that actors that rehearse can’t give you truth. If they only just learned the text, then when they say it for the first few times, they appear genuine, their acting ‘real’. If they say a line more than a few times, it loses its freshness and the actors appear to be acting.


Check out the full entry here.