The Indestructibles

The Indestructibles is a low-budget epic science fiction film about superheroes. It started as a script for a highly expensive special effects film with a story spanning hundreds of years and thousands of superheroes.

But then I thought, Why should I wait for Hollywood? I have a camera at home, I can edit on my computer, I know actors, and I know I can make a low-budget film (Heart of Stone). All I need is to find a way to adapt the script to fit the new budget. So that’s what I did, creating a 45-min. film for the web with three actors and two locations. Here is the film journal, detailing my adventure:

The Indestructibles

The Indestructibles

Film Journal #1: The Indestructibles Are Born

Film Journal #2: The Auditions

Film Journal #3: The Photo Shoot

Film Journal #4: Writer vs. Director

Film Journal #5: The Rehearsals

Film Journal #6: Most Memorable Rehearsal Moments

Film Journal #7: Inventing Something New

Film Journal #8: War of the Worlds

Film Journal #9: Murphy’s Law

Film Journal #10: Editing

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