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‘Secret Thoughts’ Reviewed by A Fantastical Librarian

September 3, 2013

The book Secret Thoughts was just reviewed by A Fantastical Librarian. Surprisingly, the review turns out to be a really really positive review for The Emoticon Generation.


Read the entire review.


Secret Thoughts

Secret Thoughts, by Guy Hasson


The Emoticon Generation

The Emoticon Generation


Another Positive Review for ‘Secret Thoughts’

August 14, 2011

The website Scribbler to Scribe has a review of Secret Thoughts.

From the review:

SECRET THOUGHTS is beautifully crafted with a straight-forward writing style and well-honed plot. Each story exposes a darkness (and beauty) to humanity. The  pacing is slower at points than I would like, and some introspection could have  been cut. But I urge readers to stay the course! SECRET THOUGHTS will entertain  and enlighten you.

Secret Thoughts is available in various formats here.

First Review of ‘Secret Thoughts’ at the Little Red Reviewer

March 17, 2011

The Little Red Reviewer is first on the scene with a glowing review of Secret Thoughts.

“All three stories are incredibly unique and even a day or two after reading I’m still surprised at the deep levels of intimacy, and not just physical intimacy. But when dealing with deep, pure emotions, what else should I have expected?”